Don’t Miss: Kite @ Spellbound, 3/4/17

Kite6 ( Photo Jonas Andersson)
Kite (Photo by Jonas Andersson)

Swedish electronic duo Kite are returning to the United States after a successful summer debut last year, and they are performing at Spellbound, located at Recessions (1823 L St. NW, DC) on Saturday, March 4.

Kite have released a series of EPs, most recently publishing VI via Progress Productions in 2015. They begin their tour tonight at Mercury Lounge in New York City.

Watch the official music video for “Up for Life” by Kite, featuring a live performance from their latest EP, on YouTube:

Vocalist Nicklas Stenemo and keyboardist Christian Berg started Kite in 2008. Their first single “Ways to Dance” was an instant hit in Swedish clubs.

Said Side-Line in its review of the most recent EP: “VI is a little jewel revealing unique sound treatments, mainly based on vintage electro sounds and the golden ‘80s electronics. The somewhat androgenic timbre of voice of the singer always has been one of the main characteristics of Kite and it’s not that different on VI. The least I can say is that this EP reveals a magic twist between passionate and captivating vocals and refreshing electronics.”

Buy your ticket at the door.

w/ Abbey Death
Saturday, March 4
Doors @9pm

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