Don’t Miss: A Giant Dog @ DC9, 9/3/17

A Giant Dog (Photo courtesy Merge Records)

A Giant Dog released Toy, their fourth full-length album, on Aug. 25 via Merge Records, and now the Austin quintet will perform at DC9 on Sunday, Sept. 3.

Singer Sabrina Ellis fronts A Giant Dog, which also consists of guitarists Andrew Cashen and Any Bauer alongside bassist Graham Low and drummer Daniel Blanchard.

Sabrina and Andrew collaborate on the lyrics for A Giant Dog’s songs, and they go deeper into their peculiarities for inspiration. Watch the official music video for “Bendover,” the most recent video from the new album, by A Giant Dog on YouTube:

Said Andrew of the video, “From the band’s point of view, the only thing I ever ask of a director is please make us look cool. Trust me, we are not cool people, but it is our job to convince people otherwise. After seeing what Ed accomplished with this video, I am fully confident that he has pulled down the curtain and concealed the dorky wizard behind it.”

With their quirky sense of humor completely intact, A Giant Dog certainly will provide a fun punk rock show at DC9 on Sunday.

Buy your tickets online.

A Giant Dog
Sunday, Sept. 3
Doors @8:30pm
All ages

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