Home Live Review Live Review: Mehro @ Howard Theatre — 2/13/23

Live Review: Mehro @ Howard Theatre — 2/13/23

Live Review: Mehro @ Howard Theatre — 2/13/23

Mehro performs at the Howard Theatre in Washington DC on Feb. 13, 2023. (Photo by Katie Child)

Mehro hit the stage at Howard Theatre recently with his velvety-soft presence and immediately took the crowd under his charming wing.

The bass boomed yet Mehro’s vocals still threaded through the audience at the Howard Theatre on Feb. 13. He set a wonderful scene opening for Claire Rosinkranz, who would soon after take the stage. With his heartfelt ballads, Mehro masterfully grasped the attention of all in attendance. The second he walked on stage, guitar in hand, he was greeted with an irruption of support and praise. He told us about the experiences which inspired his music, and through doing so, transformed each song from simple vocalization into verses of personal and ever-relatable artistry.

Though Mehro’s setlist consisted of a mere four songs, they were all we needed to become hooked on his work. His performance went as follows:

  1. pirate song
  2. hideous
  3. whore
  4. chance with you

Stream Mehro’s music on Spotify:

With over 3 million monthly Spotify listeners at only 23 years old, Mehro surely has nothing short of a highly successful career in front of him. His ability to not only craft music that appeals to so many, but to also translate emotion in such a powerful and effective way, is no doubt a force to be reckoned with, and will most definitely be taking him far within the music industry.

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Check out some more pictures of Mehro’s performance at the Howard Theatre on Feb. 13, 2023. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Katie Child.



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