Music Park: Molly Ringwald w/ Dave Damiani & The No Vacancy Orchestra @ Bethesda Blues & Jazz, 7/28/16

Molly Ringwald 32
Molly Ringwald sings at Bethesda Blues & Jazz on Thursday, July 28, 2016. (Photo by Mickey McCarter)

Dave Damiani & The No Vacancy Orchestra welcomed a very special guest to its residency at Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club on Thursday –- the irrepressible Molly Ringwald, Gen-X “it girl” and all around charming woman.

Singing jazz and big band standards, Dave and Molly along with The No Vacancy Orchestra, which included some players from our local Airmen of Note, entertained an attentive crowd. Dave kicked things off with early songs like “Nice ‘n’ Easy” by Frank Sinatra, looking and sounding every bit an old-fashioned crooner. (Waxing nostalgic for things “old-fashioned” during a performance of a song of the same name, Dave offered up the suggestion of drinking an Old-Fashioned. Not a bad idea, sir!) Dave captures Sinatra’s “tough but tender” persona well.

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Don’t Miss: Molly Ringwald @ Bethesda Blues & Jazz, 7/28/16

Molly_Crop Molly Ringwald (Photo courtesy KMP Artists)

Forever in our hearts as a young lady struggling with high school romance thanks to John Hughes, Ms. Molly Ringwald has turned her attention to singing jazz recently. And she’s coming to DC metro to sing jazz at Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club tomorrow night, Thursday July 28.

Molly started singing jazz at a young age, thanks to the influence of her jazz musician father. But she released her debut jazz album, Except Sometimes, in 2013 via Concord Records (which included a tribute to the late Mr. Hughes). Tomorrow, she’s performing a tribute to Nat “King” Cole and his daughter Natalie Cole (particularly timely as Ms. Cole passed away only recently). For her tribute, Molly will join Dave Damiani and the No Vacancy Orchestra, along with two of Natalie Cole’s bandmates, including world-renowned trumpeter Bijon Watson.

As a reader of Parklife DC, you can attend Molly Ringwald’s show tomorrow at half-price! Consult the flyer below and buy your ticket online at this link with the code: BBJMOLLY.


Tickets are available online!

Molly Ringwald
Accompanied by Dave Damiani & No Vacancy Orchestra
Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club
Bethesda, Md.
Thursday, July 28
Show @8pm
Half Price w/ Code!
All ages

Around Town: Pretty in Pink @ AMC Hoffman Center 22, 2/17/16

Blane, Andie, and Duckie of “Pretty in Pink” (Photo courtesy Paramount Pictures)

Editor’s Note: To mark the 30th anniversary of the movie, a special viewing of John Hughes’ “Pretty in Pink” screened nationwide on Sunday, Feb. 14. You can see it also on Wednesday, Feb. 17, in DC metro at AMC Hoffman Center 22 (206 Swamp Fox Rd., Alexandria, Va.), with showtimes at 2pm and 7pm. Tickets are available online. Parklife DC contributor Neal Keller caught the film and shared some thoughts with us in this essay.

A Valentine for Andie

Among the things I could appreciate without hesitation was the soundtrack of now-classic 80’s New Wave tunes in “Pretty in Pink.” There were some misgivings nonetheless. While the film’s music credits were definitely a draw for nascent hipsters like myself back then, I’ll confess that I never liked the New Order song that debuted on the soundtrack. I always thought “Shellshock” was New Order by the numbers, and a sign that they were getting ready to sell out. Already a strike against the film, before it even hit the theaters!

But let’s talk about the notion of “selling out.” It’s an entirely teenage accusation that probably shouldn’t survive into adulthood. Nevertheless, the accusation was thrown at the character of Allison (Ally Sheedy) in “The Breakfast Club.” Allison forsakes her proto goth girl soul for a date with a member of the wrestling team. Well, if submitting to a makeover for the sake of the jock in “The Breakfast Club” counts as a transgression, then threadbare Andie’s leap to the other side of the tracks for the sake of a preppie rich kid in “Pretty in Pink” must rate as a mortal SIN.

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