About Us

ParkLife DC, established by Mickey McCarter in 2014, is dedicated to concert reviews and related urban events in the District of Columbia.


Editor: Mickey McCarter
Chief Photographer: Paivi Salonen
Rock/Folk Correspondent: Corey Paterson
EDM/Dance Correspondent: Jasper Dendy
R&B Correspondent: Robert Smith
Punk Correspondent: Daniel Webb
Contributing Correspondent: Neal Keller
Contributing Correspondent: Theresa Sanchez
Indie Pop Correspondent/Photographer: David LaMason
DC Local Music Correspondent/Photographer: Mark Caicedo
Hip Hop/Rap Photographer: Chris Castillo
Contributing Photographer: Chester Simpson
Contributing Photographer: Jason Nicholson

Press Releases

Parklife DC Celebrates First Year, Dec. 8, 2015

About Us

We blog about arts and entertainment around the city, and we specifically look at the following happenings:

Music Park: Concert and music reviews.
Around Town
: Arts, events and doings around DC.
Stars and Bars: DC bars and drinks.

Music Park, our biggest domain, breaks down into a few subsections:

Music Park: A full-length featured concert review of a band or musician.
Snapshots: A concert review focused mostly on pictures.
DJ Park: A full-length review of a performance by a DJ.
Don’t Miss: An exciting upcoming show for your consideration!
Ticket Giveaway: Win a pair of tickets from our terrific partners like 9:30 Club
(9 a.m. every Wednesday morning!).
Interview: A chat with a touring artist on their way to DC or a local artist living in DC.
New Release: A look at an upcoming album, usually from a DC band or musician.
Book Talk: A book event about a music-themed book, perhaps a biography.

Who Are We?

Mickey McCarter: Music reporter at We Love DC for three years (check out my archives). I claim to like the finer things in life, but I’m consistently found in dive bars. You might notice that I like David Bowie.

You: We are always looking out for new bloggers! Join us. Email parklifedc@gmail.com to inquire.

Follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/parklifedc.

Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/parklifedc.


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