About Us

Parklife DC reviews concert and related urban events in the District of Columbia. We are currently the biggest blog dedicated to concert reviews in DC.


Mickey McCarter: Editor
Paivi Salonen: Chief Photographer
Miyun Park: Previews

Exclusive Bloggers (alphabetically by last name)
Will Colbert: Correspondent/ Photographer
Mark Engleson: Correspondent
Rashad Polk: Correspondent/Photographer
Ari Strauss: Correspondent/Photographer

Recurring Bloggers (alphabetically by last name)
Mark Caicedo: Correspondent/ Photographer
Chris Castillo: Contributing Photographer (Hip Hop)
Ben Eisendrath: Contributing Photographer
Katherine Gaines: Photographer
Kyle Gustafson: Photographer
David LaMason: Correspondent/ Photographer
Jules McNamara: Photographer
Jason Nicholson: Photographer
Brenda Reyes: Correspondent/ Photographer
Matt Ruppert: Correspondent/ Photographer
Chester Simpson: Contributing Photographer
Chris R. Smyth: Correspondent/ Photographer

Legacy Contributors (alphabetically by last name)
Shantel Breen: Contributing Correspondent/ Photographer
Andy Jillson: Correspondent/ Photographer
Neal Keller: Contributing Correspondent
Angel Kim: Correspondent/ Photographer
Corey Paterson: Contributing Correspondent (Rock, Folk)
Robert Smith: Contributing Correspondent (R&B)
Daniel Webb: Contributing Correspondent (Punk)

About Us

We blog about arts and entertainment around the city, and we specifically look at the following happenings:

Live Review: Revisit concert and music events in words and pictures.
Preview: Discover upcoming shows.
Interview: Follow chats with notable performers or influencers. 
Around Town
: Recap arts and doings around DC.
Stars and Bars: Drink in DC bars.

Live Review, our biggest domain, delivers our focus on concert reviews with the following:

Live Review: A full-length featured concert review of a band or musician (formerly “Music Park”).
Snapshots: A concert review focused mostly on pictures.
DJ Review: A full-length review of a performance by a DJ (formerly “DJ Park.”)
New Release: A look at an upcoming album, usually from a DC band or musician.
Book Talk: A book event about a music-themed book, perhaps a biography.

Who Are We?

Mickey McCarter is a marketing director with 15 years of experience as a trade journalist and another six years as a public relations and communications professional.

Over the course of his career, Mickey has served as managing editor for glossy and web publications, focusing on vibrant topics of interest for specific communities. In 2014, Mickey founded Parklife DC to enhance the coverage of live music concerts in Washington, DC. As of 2019, the publication has become DC’s largest blog dedicated to the live music experience.

Mickey graduated with a Master’s degree in journalism from American University in 1999 after serving in the US Navy. He has spent the past 20 years living, working, and catching music concerts in the heart of DC.

You: We may be looking out for new bloggers! Email Mickey at parklifedc AT gmail.com to inquire.

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