About Us

Parklife DC reviews concert and related urban events in the District of Columbia. We are currently the biggest blog dedicated to concert reviews in DC.


Mickey McCarter: Editor
Paivi Salonen: Chief Photographer
David LaMason: Senior Correspondent/ Photographer
Miyun Park: Previews

Regular Bloggers (alphabetically by last name)
Mark Caicedo: Correspondent/ Photographer
Will Colbert: Correspondent/ Photographer
Mark Engleson: Correspondent
Andy Jillson: Correspondent/ Photographer
Jason Nicholson: Photographer
Brenda Reyes: Contributing Correspondent/ Photographer
Chris R. Smyth: Correspondent/ Photographer
Ari Strauss: Photographer

Recurring Contributors (alphabetically by last name)
Shantel Breen: Contributing Correspondent/ Photographer
Chris Castillo: Contributing Photographer (Hip Hop)
Ben Eisendrath: Contributing Photographer
Kyle Gustafson: Contributing Photographer
Neal Keller: Contributing Correspondent
Jules McNamara: Contributing Photographer
Corey Paterson: Contributing Correspondent (Rock, Folk)
Chester Simpson: Contributing Photographer (Bluegrass)
Robert Smith: Contributing Correspondent (R&B)
Daniel Webb: Contributing Correspondent (Punk)

About Us

We blog about arts and entertainment around the city, and we specifically look at the following happenings:

Live Review: Revisit concert and music events in words and pictures.
Previews Discover upcoming shows.
Interview: Follow chats with notable performers or influencers. 
Around Town
: Recap arts and doings around DC.
Stars and Bars: Drink in DC bars.

Live Review, our biggest domain, delivers our focus on concert reviews with the following:

Live Review: A full-length featured concert review of a band or musician (formerly “Music Park”).
Snapshots: A concert review focused mostly on pictures.
DJ Review: A full-length review of a performance by a DJ (formerly “DJ Park.”)
New Release: A look at an upcoming album, usually from a DC band or musician.
Book Talk: A book event about a music-themed book, perhaps a biography.

Who Are We?

Mickey McCarter: Mickey graduated from American University with a Masters degree in Journalism in 1999, and he has largely worked in web journalism ever since. Now a professional marketing director, Mickey started concert blogging with We Love DC (check out my archives). When that blog closed, he recruited a team and created this fine blog you now read.

You: We may be looking out for new bloggers! Email Mickey at parklifedc AT gmail.com to inquire.

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