Live Review: Peach Pit @ 9:30 Club — 4/2/22

Peach Pit - 9:30 Club Washington DC - 04.02.22 Casey Vock 6
Christopher Vanderkooy shreds on the electric guitar during a Peach Pit performance at 9:30 Club  on April 2, 2022. (Photo by Casey Vock)

Though naturally some of a band’s recorded material is going to create some expectations of its in-person sound, a musical act doesn’t have to let its studio work define its live presentation.

But whether it’s by foresight or luck, the bulk of some artists’ songbooks turns out to be scalable thanks to either a set trajectory or built-in room for improvisation to expand and amplify the sound.

Peach Pit, a red-hot indie pop-rock outfit out of Vancouver, has experienced a rapid rise to popularity since its two founding members graduated high school. As students, Neil Smith and Christopher Vanderkooy teamed up in 2014 to create what began as a possible one-off music project.

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