Sports Park: Where to Watch Pac-12 College Football


Ah, the smell of pigskin is in the air.

The 2016 College Football season is upon us and everyone has an alma mater or a favorite school to root for. Or they should.

Because I grew up in Washington State, and went to the University of Washington, I’m going to highlight where football watch parties take place in the DC area for all of the Pac-12 Conference schools. Maybe I’ll get around to other conferences…

After the first week of games, there are three Pac-12 schools in the AP Top 25 (as of 9/6/16), including two in the Top 10. (Source: Associated Press)

Don’t miss a minute of college football action!

Pac-12 Football Watch Party Locations

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Don’t Miss: The First Mappy Hour in DC for Outdoor Enthusiasts @ Penn Social, 1/29/15


Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Do you wish you were hiking at this very moment?

Do you like to pour over maps and plan hikes and adventures?

Would to you like to find others in DC with the same passion for the outdoors?

Come check out the first ‘Mappy Hour’, hosted by OutdoorFest, on Thursday, January 29th at Penn Social.

OutdoorFest is a community of outdoor enthusiasts formed in New York City.

Since early 2014, OutdoorFest has hosted monthly Mappy Hours in New York for ‘outdoor enthusiasts to come together and share their passion for adventure, offer insider info on trip locations, trade books/maps, and be inspired’.

Now they are expanding Mappy Hour to DC.


Sarah Knapp, founder of OutdoorFest, explains:

ParkLife DC: Do you envision this being a monthly event like New York?

Sarah: “Absolutely, one of the most important factors to the success of Mappy Hour in NYC is it’s consistency. We’re not looking to just educate or entertain but also create a long term outdoor enthusiast community.”

ParkLife DC: Is someone from your team coming to DC to host this or is someone volunteering from DC?

Sarah: “While I will be traveling to DC for the first Mappy Hour – the real organization is coming from Jesi and Lauren – both DC area based. They both reached out to me because they heard about Mappy Hour NYC and were interested in bringing it to DC. Without either of them this wouldn’t be happening.”


Register for the first Mappy Hour here.

Mappy Hour in DC
Penn Social
Thursday, January 29
Free (bring maps and an adventurous spirit)