Around Town: Third Beer @ Snallygaster 2016, 9/17/16

snallygasterCheers! (Photo Credit: theupper)

Friends, Snallygaster is a mere day away! Start checking your notes, making your lists and cleansing your palette.

Let’s look at a couple more beers we will be drinking.

Mickey’s Beer of the Day: Wicked Weed Brewing Garçon de Ferme, Foeder-Aged Saison, ABV 6.2%
Perhaps the best block in all of Asheville, North Carolina encompasses 91 Biltmore Ave., where sits the Wicked Weed Brewing Pub. It’s an idyllic street to be sure, and the famous microbrewery sits next to The Orange Peel, Asheville’s answer to the 9:30 Club, adding to the appeal of the location. But lest I forget — those beers! Only this week on Sept. 12, Wicked Weed Brewing officially arrived in the DC metro market, going on sale at various bars around town. Well, they have arrived just in time for the Snallygaster, and while everything they do is good, I’m going to have to reacquaint myself with the Garçon de Ferme, the company’s 6.2% saison. They are quite well-regarded for their saisons down there in Asheville, and this one tastes like peaches and champagne with a big tart nose. Salut, mes amis!

Jeremy’s Beer of the Day: Avery Rumpkin, Barrel-Aged Pumpkin Ale, ABV 18.1%
Ah, let’s take a peek at pumpkin beers! One thing I appreciate about Snallygaster, is that it signifies the beginning of autumn and the season when pumpkin beers start to appear in stores and on tap. I recently visited Colorado and had Avery Brewing Co. on my list of places to visit. Sadly, I didn’t make it that trip (but did find myself in many a brewery in Denver and elsewhere in Colorado). I like Avery’s porter and brown ale, and the sound of rum flavors mixed in with pumpkin (rum barrel-aged – hence Rumpkin) is too much to pass up. I’m not sure how the high ABV will affect the taste (usually I find 18% too much), but I’m willing to find out! Let’s be honest, I’ll probably also try Avery’s Pump(ky)n, an imperial porter with pumpkin spices, and any of the only (!!) 13 pumpkin beers available at Snallygaster.

Make your own beer list.

Get your tickets here.

Snallygaster 2016
The Yards (1300 First Street Southeast, Washington, DC 20003)
Saturday, September 17, 2016
1-6pm (VIP 11:30am-6pm)
$35 (VIP $60 SOLD OUT)

Adroit Theory @ SAVOR Craft Beer, National Building Museum — 6/3/16

SAVOR 05 Mark Osborne at SAVOR 2016.

The owners of Adroit Theory Brewing Co. are fond of following their musical inspirations when making beer. And that led to a beer called Black Celebration, which was born of a collaboration with New York-based DJ Dieselboy.

Dieselboy wasn’t really a “beer guy” but he’s a true foodie, having been profiled in several food magazines, explained Adroit Theory owner Mark Osborne during a salon at the SAVOR Craft Beer and Food Experience at the National Building Museum in DC on Friday. Even better, Dieselboy had introduced a cocktail called the Higgins.

“We reached out to him to make a beer that would taste like his cocktail,” Mark said.

The resulting Black Celebration, named after a song by Depeche Mode, is an Imperial porter aged in oak barrels, clocking in at 9.99% ABV. Adroit Theory likes their beers strong, and generally dark. The lowest ABV beer ever made at Adroit Theory is a powerful 7% ABV, and the lowest on tap right now at the brewery’s tasting room is 7.3%, Mark said. A range of 8-10% ABV is typical for Adroit Theory’s beers.

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Stars and Bars: New Beers from Hellbender, 3 Stars @ SAVOR Week

Dascha Beer Garden (and Liz Taylor) under an overcast sky Wednesday

Wednesday evening was overcast and cool. It was perfectly comfortable to be outside with a light jacket but it was certainly cooler than DC would expect for the first week of June.

What a great opportunity, then, to drink an appropriately medium-bodied beer with a light touch like the Hellbender Brewing Co.’s new Ella Kölsch Pale Ale. Ella is definitely more pale than kölsch, with a dense but pleasing color and a bite of refreshing bitterness upfront but with that clean kölsch finish.

Hellbender debuted the beer during happy hour Wednesday at Dascha Beer Garden (1600 7th St. NW, DC), timed in conjunction with Savor Week — the days leading up to the Savor American Craft Beer and Food Experience at the American Building Museum (401 F St. NW, DC) on June 5-6.

Hellbender Brewing Co. (5788 2nd St. NE, DC) quite likes the kölsch pale ale, or KPA, style, and it has been experimenting with it a bit this year, previously releasing an Equinox KPA. According to Hellbender, “This new hybrid German/American style combines the traditional American pale ale recipe with German Kölsch yeast. The end result is a dry, refreshing pale ale with big hop flavor and aroma!”

The Hellbender KPA series will consist of beers built around various hops, subject to seasons and availability, the brewery said. The Ella hops is from Australia, and it imparts the beer with spices and flowers along with an aroma of tropical fruit. The Ella KPA weighs in at 5.7% ABV, 37 IBU, 6 SRM.

A look at if not a taste of the new Hellbender Ella KPA

Ella wasn’t the only new beer to debut from a local brewer this week.

3 Stars Brewing Co. (6400 Chillum Pl. NW, DC) extended its collaboration series with Pizzeria Paradiso (3282 M St. NW, DC) to introduce Monday a new entry in its nine-part Paradiso series. The debut occurred at the Pizzeria Paradiso Monday Night Beer Club, which offers beer specials usually along a theme on the first Monday of every month.

Paradiso: Sun sits atop the menu that tells you all about it.

The new beer, Paradiso: Sun, is a rustic farmhouse ale brewed with cedar tips. At 5.1% ABV, Paradiso: Sun was quite drinkable, and its woody flavor paired quite well with pizza! (Imagine that.) As always at Monday Night Beer Club, the knowledgeable Rob Fink, Paradiso assistant bar manager (and District Chophouse assistant brewer!), was manning the bar to pour the special and provides insights into their origins.

The entire collaboration series draws inspiration from Dante’s Paradiso. The first beer in the series was Paradiso: The Moon, a pale wheat saison brewed with sour oranges. The second was Paradiso: Mercury, a red wheat rye saison brewed with blood oranges. And the third was Paradiso: Venus, a blend of the first two beers aged in Sangiovese barrels.

All in all, Hellbender, 3 Stars and Paradiso brought fine new beers to a great week of events!

Pizza and beer? Por favor!