Don’t Miss: FROTH (Opening for The Drums) @ DC9, 10/26/15

Photos by Tony Accosta
Froth (Photo by Tony Accosta)

When Mickey first asked me to look into and preview Froth, a band I knew nothing about, I went to Spotify. In my search for the band, I found three albums, and as I often do, I chose the first album dated 2010 as my starting point. What followed was not the indie rock band I had expected as the opener for this coming Monday’s The Drums show at DC9, but rather a doodling, psychedelic jam band. This had to be wrong. And indeed it was one of those weird Spotify mix ups with two bands listed under the same artist name. A bizarre mashup of songs, albums and divergent cover art. And while the 2010 album from the band Froth wasn’t half bad, it wasn’t my assignment, so I moved to Froth’s 2014 album Patterns and their latest 2015 tracks from Bleak.

What I found on these two albums from what NPR’s Robin Hilton calls a “shoegaze” band was an entertaining combination of psych-pop and hard rock, which in stark contrast to my jam band chill prep, had me totally rocking out. While shoegaze emerged from the UK in the 1980s and 1990s, my feel for Froth went to the West Coast with a surfing music vibe, particularly found in the tracks “Lost My Mind” and “Oaxaca.”  While these tracks are from Froth’s 2014 album, this distinct multi-layered, beach sound continues into the tracks from 2015’s Bleak, albeit with a much stronger presence of rock, psych-pop, and grunge along the lines of Nirvana and Hole.

In listening to Froth, I was happily reminded of my love for the similarly sounding band — the Smith Westerns whose 2013 album Soft Will and 2014 BlackCat performance blew my mind. If you enjoy a band that plays with complexity and a tight balance between all its members, then definitely show up Monday at DC9 for the opener Froth.

Oh, by the way, the show at DC9 on Monday is free to members of Jukely, a new monthly subscription service that gives its members unlimited concerts from a slate of bands every month. Check it out and see what you think!

(Opening for The Drums)
Monday, Oct. 26
Doors @8:30pm
Free w/ Jukely Membership
All ages

Music Park: Ride @ 9:30 Club — 9/17/15

Mark Gardener of Ride performs at WFUV in New York City on Sept. 21, 2015. (Photo by Sabrina Sitton)

The past 25 years have been quite good to the band Ride.

Although the shoegazer quartet disappeared in 1996 after four full-length albums, they returned more powerful than ever with the launch of a new leg of their US reunion tour on Thursday with a very nearly sold-out show at the 9:30 Club.

Now, I’m a latecomer to shoegaze in general and Ride specifically so I can’t claim to know how good the band were in the past. I can tell you now that they are remarkably talented guitarsmiths today, however, and their earliest stuff in particular holds up incredibly well.

Classics like “Vapour Trail” from their first album Nowhere catch the band at their most pensive — four chords awash over the ears of the audience in gentle waves as lead guitarist Andy Bell sings reflectively of the memory of a love “like a vapour trail in a deep blue sky.”

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Don’t Miss: DIIV (Opening for Ride) @ 9:30 Club, 9/17/15

Zachary Cole Smith (Photo by Sandy Kim)

Brooklyn shoegazers DIIV are opening for Ride tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 17, at the 9:30 Club!

Today, the quintent, led by vocalist Zachary Cole Smith, released a new song “Dopamine” from their upcoming second album, Is the Is Are, which is scheduled for release next month.

Listen to Dopamine on Soundcloud:

DIIV open for the legendary UK shoegazers Ride, so don’t miss out on a show that is sure to showcase a lot of amazing guitar.

Oh, and by the way, DIIV go out on their own headlining tour after touring with Ride later this fall. In DC, they turn up again at the Black Cat on Saturday, Nov. 7, with No Joy and Sunflower Bean.

9:30 Club
Thursday, Sept. 17
Doors @ 7pm
All ages

Don’t Miss: The Jet Age @ Villain & Saint, 9/12/15

Bassist Greg Bennett, guitarist Eric Tischler, and drummer Pete Nuwayser of The Jet Age (Photo by D. Wade)

Q&A with Eric Tischler of The Jet Age

This weekend, David Gedge, lead singer of The Wedding Present, will present his annual music festival, At the Edge of the Sea, in Brighton, England.

For most of us in DC, the festival may seem a world away, but to Eric Tischler of The Jet Age, it’s a party he won’t miss. You see, Eric and his DC-based band are friends and tourmates with The Wedding Present, and they have chosen to debut their new record, Destroy. Rebuild, at the UK festival in a performance this Saturday. (The album is officially available this Friday, August 28.) In a way, it’s completely appropriate, given Eric’s love for UK shoegazers and other English bands and how their genres shaped his own band.

Parklife DC caught up with the versatile guitarist and vocalist of The Jet Age to ask him about the influences on his band, how he approaches his craft, and his next DC-area show at Villain & Saint (7141 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, Md.) on Saturday, Sept. 12.

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Don’t Miss: Ride @ 9:30 Club, 9/17/15

Ride (Photo by Piper Ferguson)

Legendary shoegazers Ride reunited and performed a homecoming show at the 02 Academy in London back in April — their first show in almost 20 years!

They followed that up with a few US dates, including stops at the Coachella Music Festival, but now they are returning in force for a proper tour, showcasing material from their beloved four studio albums.

“More than a decade later, the bristling wall of sound was just as brooding, rumbling and heavy as we had remembered,” Rolling Stone said of Ride’s initial shows.

The gents kick off the next leg of their reunion tour at the 9:30 Club on Thursday, Sept. 17, then continue on a string of US dates over the next several weeks.

Watch Ride perform “Leave Them All Behind” at The Warfield in San Francisco on April 13, 2015:

Surely, this was the best possible outcome from the dissolution of Oasis follow-up band Beady Eye. With Oasis and Beady Eye on hold, guitarist Andy Bell was free to reunite with Ride bandmates Mark Gardener, Laurence “Loz” Colbert, and Steve Queralt, reminding fans of what made shoegaze so unique when it blossomed in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

This is a unique opportunity to see a seminal band perform its signature tunes in a first-class show. Tickets are available online!

9:30 Club
Thursday, Sept. 17
Doors @7pm
All ages