Don’t Miss: Huey Lewis and The News @ Warner Theatre, 6/23/15

Huey Lewis and The New

Huey Lewis and The News have been together for 36 years and they are still going strong. So strong, they will play for us at the Warner Theatre on 6/23/15.

Their songs were essential listening for my second decade of life.

Even when their popularity waned in the 1990’s and beyond, I caught them live for the first and only time in 1996. Time to rectify that.

In the past 15 years, Huey Lewis and The News have released two studio albums, the latest one a tribute to the music of Stax Records.

I have not listened to either of those albums, but I’m sure Huey’s voice and The News’ sound, including R&B and soul influences, make them a worthy entry into their discography.

For me, I still go back to the classic hits of the 1980’s. ‘Power of Love’ and ‘If This Is It’, of course, but I always enjoyed ‘Heart of Rock & Roll’, ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and my favorite, ‘Walking On a Thin Line’.

Let’s relive the classics! Tickets are still available.

Huey Lewis and The News
Warner Theatre
Tuesday, June 26
$53 and up
All ages