Home Live Review Music Park: Lane 8 @ U Street Music Hall — 10/15/15

Music Park: Lane 8 @ U Street Music Hall — 10/15/15

Music Park: Lane 8 @ U Street Music Hall — 10/15/15

Spring Awakening Music Festival, Chicago 6/13/2015
Lane 8 performs at the Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago on June 13, 2015 (Photo by Mary)

Deep house musician Lane 8 captivated a sold-out show at U Street Music Hall on Thursday night with his own house compositions and mixes of similar earworms from artists delivering complementary stately beats.

Lane 8 (born Daniel Goldstein) is an American ex-pat living in Germany with an affection for unhurried rhythms. He kicked off a DJ set shortly after midnight with his own “Undercover” featuring Matthew Dear. The sparkling synths of the song couples well with the hushed bluesy voice of Matthew Dear, who serves as vocalist for the number. The number drifts above the crowd in soothing, pleasing pulses.

The audience at U Street Music Hall fell into formation, facing Lane 8 from the DJ booth to the stage behind them, and several young dancers took the stage to express their approval with mannered, if occasionally frenetic, dancing.

Listen to the Yotto remix of “Undercover,” favored by Lane 8 in his DJ set, on YouTube:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIKKLcIBrEQ]

From “Undercover,” Lane 8 transitioned into the very popular selection “Damage” by fellow deep house musician Hot Since 82 (born Daley Padley). The Englishman’s low-key sensibilities meshed well with Lane 8’s own music, and the entire room seemed to enter a trance-like spell where they continued to let the music wash over them. “Damage,” a wordless epic that nonetheless offers human sounds of laughter, was a perfect tagalong to brighten the slightly melancholy mood established by “Undercover.”

Lane 8 studiously matched beats and focused on his turntables at the front of the room, next serving up “Tidal” by Chymera. This techno-driven track put the room on notice that dancing was now the first order of business, and the electronic music of Chymera (born Irishman Brendan Gregoriy) again nicely extended the range of music in Lane 8’s DJ set while still offering a sympathetic sound.

Before long, Lane 8 has moved back to his own new album, Rise, released via Anjunadeep in July, and the track “Ghost” featuring Patrick Baker. The washed out vocals of “Ghost” enhances the already ghostly character of the electronics, which swell as the song progresses to break out in a strident cantor after the first minute.

Watch the official video for “Ghost” by Lane 8 on YouTube:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG5huIYWuoY]

All in all, Lane 8 was a skilled chap who brought some good grooves to some happy clubbers on Thursday. Check the man out when he comes to your city! His US tour resumes Wednesday in Phoenix, and he departs the United States after a Halloween show in Saint Louis, Mo. (although he’ll be back next year). Lane 8 brings an American perspective to lush European deep house, and the resulting evening is sure to please.


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