Home Live Review Music Park: Young Rival @ Rock and Roll Hotel — 11/3/15

Music Park: Young Rival @ Rock and Roll Hotel — 11/3/15

Music Park: Young Rival @ Rock and Roll Hotel — 11/3/15


Young Rival could have stepped straight out of a time machine on to the stage of the Rock and Roll Hotel last Tuesday, November 3rd.

They identify as an indie-rock band from Ontario, Canada and opened for the Born Ruffians, who are also Canadian. (See our review.)

Young Rival gave the full DC crowd a distinct vibe from the 1960’s. There were times when I was looking at those around me, wondering if they were playing a Beatles’ cover. Turns out, it was their own songs, like “Two Reasons” from their second album, Stay Young.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-b8CwNHAx54]

A ‘glitter blanket’ thing greeted us, mysteriously (ominously?) occupying the stage. The shimmering costume sparkled and rippled before ‘it’ exited stage left as the band burst on the scene. Each band member paraded around with a similar glittery jacket. White flowers adorned and complemented the instruments.

Somehow Glitter Blanket failed to make a return, but for those that stayed, Aron D’Alesio (lead vocals, guitar), John Smith (bass) and Noah Fralick (drums), there was a hint of the psychedelic in their performance.

Three albums in, (after both changing their name and music in 2007) Young Rival is now touring in support of their latest album, Interior Light.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlY_8RZ8AZ4]

Songs like “Interior Light” and “Scruples” are strong examples of their varied and frenzied sound.

All and all, Young Rival proved to be an excellent primer to Born Ruffians, and good in their own right.


Glitter Blanket


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