Home Live Review Don’t Miss: High Waisted @ Dead Kennedy Center, 2/2/16

Don’t Miss: High Waisted @ Dead Kennedy Center, 2/2/16

Don’t Miss: High Waisted @ Dead Kennedy Center, 2/2/16

Clearly, High Waisted know how to party. (Photo courtesy Girlie Action)

Do you like a good time? You might want to get High Waisted!

No, I don’t mean, like, high or wasted. Nor am I recommending a wardrobe change. (Maybe you like low pants?) All clever attempts at punnery aside, High Waisted is a New York City quartet that play surf and garage rock.

And they are coming to DC on Feb. 2 to play the Dead Kennedy Center.

Ah, no, that’s not another pun. It’s not the Kennedy Center, nor is it a shrine to the Dead Kennedys — although it’s a place they might prefer performing if it were 1980 and they were here. Okay, wait, let me back up.

The High Waisted band is led by Jessica Louise Dye, who sings with gusto as she mines ‘60s pop/rock hooks, sort of in the footsteps of Debbie Harry singing “Denis.” High Waisted’s girl power pop arrives in the form of new single “Party in the Back,” for which the band just released a new video a few days ago.

Watch the official music video for “Party in the Back,” which was “filmed on the beloved Lower East Side on the budget of friendship and dollar slice” on YouTube:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xykiiaV1oZY]

High Waisted are touring as they march toward the release of their debut album, On Ludlow, a clear homage to their home turf, due out March 4. They will stop in DC to perform at DIY venue Dead Kennedy Center — a self-declared music venue/art space /laboratory — on Tuesday, Feb. 2 (one week from today!).

Jess Dye is joined by her bandmates — drummer Jono, bassist Jeremy, and guitarist Steven — in their show at Dead Kennedy Center (1325 Linden Ct. NE, DC), which I’m sure is a really nice place (despite some of their signage) just a few steps off the main drag of the Atlas District along H St. NE. DC bands Joy Buttons and BRNDA round out the bill.

Hell, High Waisted namecheck The Ventures and Dick Dale as influences on their Facebook page. Wanna surf? See you there!

High Waisted
w/ BRNDA and Joy Buttons
Dead Kennedy Center
Tuesday, Feb. 2
Show @7pm
Donations welcome ($5-$10 recommended by Parklife DC)
All ages


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