Home Around Town Stars and Bars: Quick Take @ Fare Well

Stars and Bars: Quick Take @ Fare Well

Stars and Bars: Quick Take @ Fare Well

Vegan PierogisVegan Pierogis from Fare Well

I’m definitely not vegan. Nor much of a vegetarian for that matter (though I did sleep at a Holiday Inn once).

Near to my office and home, a new vegan bakery/diner/bar concept opened in June. Fare Well – from the makers of Sticky Fingers Bakery – certainly knows how to create good dishes with only vegetable products.

From my limited experience with vegan cuisine, mostly because I think it will taste bland or strange, I must say the food I’ve had at Fare Well so far is good. I won’t completely switch to vegan anytime soon, but good things can happen when a chef is dedicated to finding the best tastes from a particular set of ingredients.

It’s nice to see that within this approach to food, there are places in DC where it is worthwhile.

So far, I’ve tried the Chilaquiles Verdes and the Pierogis. I will need to try the bakery items next!


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