Home Live Review Don’t Miss Out: Blog for Parklife DC, Now!

Don’t Miss Out: Blog for Parklife DC, Now!

Don’t Miss Out: Blog for Parklife DC, Now!

930 Club
Here’s the 9:30 Club. Will you go here and other places and blog about concerts for us? Thanks!

As we posted to Craigslist recently:

Are you a music nerd with a knack for the written word? You should join our team at Parklife DC!

Our well-regarded music blog at Parklife DC is seeking volunteer bloggers to review concerts around town. We get lots and lots of pitches to review shows in the DC metro area. So many pitches that we could never fulfill them all alone, even if we wanted to do so.

However, you can help! As a music blogger for Parklife DC, you would go to shows and review them as our media representative. Your access to said concerts, of course, would be covered. This is a great opportunity for someone who really knows a particular music space well to show off their knowledge and talents.

We have entire genres of music that are underappreciated on Parklife DC, ranging from EDM to jazz to hip hop to country to folk, and there are significant opportunities for you to get your name known as a reviewer in these spaces.

Oh, and photographers: We have many unused photo passes that we would love to share. Please contact us as well if you might like to volunteer?

Interested? Drop us a line at parklifedc@gmail.com! We are happy to tell you more or throw you into the fire if you’re ready to blog.


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