Ticket Giveaway: Warpaint @ 9:30 Club, 10/4/16

Warpaint Warpaint [and first to left jennylee for reference in this blog] (Photo by Mia Kirby)

I adore Warpaint. And they really caught my attention with their single “Love Is to Die” on their self-titled sophomore album in 2014. I think they hit peak heartbroken dreampop, but they did so in such an articulate, and yes feminine, way that the song proved irresistible.

And soon afterward, as a big Duran Duran admirer, I enjoyed their very good take on “The Chauffeur” for the recent tribute album, Making Patterns Rhyme. It was indescribably a wholly appropriate cover, and I would like Simon Le Bon to name check it when it comes to Duran Duran covers over William Shatner’s “Planet Earth.”

That said, I’m not certain if I would have paid as much attention to the latest Warpaint release, Heads Up (which dropped just last Friday, Sept. 23 via Rough Trade) had it not been for an amazing solo effort by bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg in late 2015. Warpaint are touring on the release of Heads Up, and they stop at the 9:30 Club on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

Let me pause for a moment and direct to enjoy the audio for “Whiteout,” the latest release from the Warpaint album Heads Up, via YouTube:

Jenny Lee (aka jennylee) and her remarkably inspired solo album, right on!, jarred me into looking at the four people in Warpaint as individual artists, and this awakened in me a new admiration for what each of the four ladies bring to the table. If you have not yet, I strongly encourage you to check out jennylee’s new wave album, inspired in equal parts by her tenure in Warpaint and (I would say) strong ’80s dark wave artists like Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Thanks for the chat, Mickey, what’s your point? Well, Parklife DC is giving away a pair of tickets to see Warpaint at the 9:30 Club. To win these tickets, leave a comment on this blog. You can leave any comment, but dear lord, tell me your favorite song by Warpaint.

For the rules of this giveaway–

Comments will be closed at 5pm on Thursday and a winner will be randomly selected. The winner will be notified by email. The winner must respond to our email within 24 hours or they will forfeit their tickets and we will pick another winner. We will email you instructions on claiming your ticket. Good luck!

If you don’t win, tickets also are available online.

w/ Facial
9:30 Club
Tuesday, Oct. 4
Doors @ 7pm
All ages


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