Home Live Review Don’t Miss: denitia and sene. @ POV Live, 12/16/16

Don’t Miss: denitia and sene. @ POV Live, 12/16/16

Don’t Miss: denitia and sene. @ POV Live, 12/16/16

ds_HiRes_Aaron Vazquez
denitia and sene. (Photo by Aaron Vazquez)

Brooklyn alt-R&B duo denitia and sene. perform in a free show at POV Lounge on the roof of the W Hotel DC on Friday, Dec. 16.

Denitia Odigie and Brian Marc are fresh off the release of their second full-length album, love and noir. The New York Times hailed the new album, published in November via Input, as “a tightly edited collection of bedroom jams, dialed up by soulful vocals and perfectionist production values.”

Watch the official music video for “open wide.” by denitia and sene. on YouTube:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyaNSjLoAh4]

The POV Lounge at the W Hotel has been offering access to some rather good free shows lately, and Friday evening is an excellent opportunity to get up there and check out some of what’s been going down! While it’s not strictly required to register for the show, you can do so at the Eventbright page for the conference. Registration ensures you entry in the event that the roof reaches capacity. Limited table seating also is available for purchase.

Free registration is available online at Eventbright.

denitia and sene.
W Hotel DC
Friday, Dec. 16
Doors @8pm
All ages



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