Snapshots: Clutch @ Earth Rocker Festival — 7/13/19

Clutch 1 Clutch performs at the Earth Rocker Festival on July 13, 2019. (Photo by Andy Jillson)

Clutch headlined their very own Earth Rocker Festival 2019 at Shiley Acres recently, and I was there taking photos.

Clutch is an American rock band hailing from Germantown, Maryland. The band was formed in 1991, and their lineup consists of Neil Fallon (vocals and rhythm guitar), Tim Sult (lead guitar), Dan Maines (bass guitar), and Jean-Paul Gaster (drums).

The Third Annual Earth Rocker Festival 2019 took place in Inwood, WV at the family-owned farm, Shiley Acres. Taking place on Saturday July, 13 2019 the fest’s lineup this year featured Let There Be Rock Schools, Fireball Ministry, Cro-Mags JM, Killswitch Engage, and as always Clutch.

Stream Book of Bad Decisions by Clutch on Spotify:

For more information on the Earth Rocker Festival, visit its website. 

Here are some pictures of Clutch performing during the Third Annual Earth Rocker Festival at Shiley Acres in Inwood, West Virginia, on July 13, 2019. All images copyright and courtesy of Andy Jillson.

Clutch 2
Clutch 3
Clutch 4
Clutch 5
Clutch 6
Clutch 7
Clutch 8
Clutch 9
Clutch 10
Clutch 11
Clutch 12
Clutch 13
Clutch 14
Clutch 15
Clutch 16
Clutch 17
Clutch 18
Clutch 19
Clutch 20
Clutch 21
Clutch 22
Clutch 23

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