Home Preview Song of the Day: “Meet Again” by DJ LP Giobbi featuring Little Boots

Song of the Day: “Meet Again” by DJ LP Giobbi featuring Little Boots

Song of the Day: “Meet Again” by DJ LP Giobbi featuring Little Boots

LP Giobbi (Photo by Shervin Lainez)

L.A.-based producer, FEMME HOUSE founder, pianist and DJ LP Giobbi will shake up your summer with her new dance floor anthem “Meet Again,” a captivating, energetic groove that kicks off with LP’s trademark housey piano riffs, making this the sweetest summer tune that is sure to make you move.

Featuring Little Boots, whose unique vocals and dance driven sound have brought her many top charting hits, “Meet Again” has become the anthem for this time period as we all yearn for the day we can be on the dance floor with each other once again.

“Even if we don’t know when or don’t know where, we will be able to reunite on a dance floor to be a part of something greater than ourselves one day in the future,” LP said.

The track for “Meet Again” came together while LP was riding a train in Vienna on the way to a show last winter. She sent it to Little Boots during lockdown to get her creative take, and it just so happened that Little Boots had recently heard the Queen’s speech where she spoke on how hope had to be kept alive during the dark, quarantine times. The Queen assured everyone that ‘We’ll meet again,’ and the birth of this track’s title was the result.

“It’s such a simple line, but I felt pulled to share it as a meaningful message across the world to everyone feeling lonely, disconnected or sad,” said Little Boots.

Watch a lyric video for “Meet Again” by DJ LP Giobbi featuring Little Boots on YouTube:

The beauty captured from the joy and simple times spent with family and friends on warmly lit summer days is best documented in the montage of vintage clips that make the “Meet Again” video such a perfect interpretation of Little Boot’s sun kissed lyrics. Amongst the footage of Little Boots singing, you can spot LP in these family home videos from her childhood.

The single is garnering early support at Spotify with the No. 1 playlist position and on the cover of New Music Friday Cratediggers as well as appearing on Mint. “Meet Again” was released Friday via Sofi Tukker and LP Giobbi’s Animal Talk label. The internationally acclaimed house duo has been playing the track in their daily live streams, creating even more hype around this dance hit.

LP Giobbi has also been extremely active online during the pandemic, partaking in some form of live set nearly every day. She started playing “Meet Again” during her Quarantine streams on Twitch, and it quickly gained popularity amongst the online community she has been building. “It has felt like the glue holding me together and the hope reminding me that better days will come again soon,” said LP. It’s rejuvenating and restorative, as Little Boots’ smooth, seamless vocals paired with LP’s flawless dance inspired production take us on a beautiful journey to the future we hope to see again soon.

Visit LP Giobbi’s website for more music.


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