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Song of the Day: “I Believe” by Foreign Air

Song of the Day: “I Believe” by Foreign Air

Foreign Air
Foreign Air (Photo courtesy Shore Fire Media)

Foreign Air — the DC/LA-based duo known for their “transcendent indie-rock-meets-electronica,” “forceful guitars,” and “haunting vocals” (Billboard) — announce their debut album Good Morning Stranger, out Oct. 16.

To accompany the announcement, Foreign Air share “I Believe,” their new song co-written with Gabe Simon (Dua Lipa, Jai Wolf, MAX).

“I Believe” is propelled by driving guitars and an infectious melody that builds to a stadium-ready chant. American Songwriter called it “anthemic infectious electro-pop.”

After a road trip through the Southeastern US laid bare the glaring differences between his hometown of Washington, DC and its surrounding states, Foreign Air’s Jacob Michael “wanted to write a song that was universal, that could unify people with a simple message,” he says of “I Believe.”

Stream “I Believe” by Foreign Air on YouTube:

Jesse Clasen and Jacob Michael — the masterminds behind Foreign Air — were ahead of the curve on the remote collaboration trend. The two musicians met several years ago while performing in different bands, and struck up a mutual admiration that evolved into a friendship. Soon after meeting, the duo began sharing ideas via Dropbox — those ideas later became their first songs as Foreign Air.

Classen and Michael channeled their inner children on Good Morning Stranger by experimenting freely with different sonic colors, which they compare to the experience of coloring with crayons as a kid. The duo used whatever was around them to craft their desired sonic palette — on “I Believe,” Clasen even uses an old suitcase as a kick drum.

Visit Foreign Air’s website for more music!


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