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Song of the Day: “Space Phone” by Electric Grandmother

Song of the Day: “Space Phone” by Electric Grandmother

Electric Grandmother (Photo courtesy the band)

“Sitcom-core” DC duo Electric Grandmother recently debuted a video for new song “Space Phone” from the band’s latest album, Relaunch. The music video for “Space Phone” consists of stop-motion animation created entirely by the band’s Mary Alice Hamnett.

Electric Grandmother consists of husband and wife Mary Alice and Pete Faust, who are dedicated to “love and vulgarity!”

Of “Space Phone,” Pete wrote, “It is one of our favorite songs on the album and really wanted the video to be personal and as sweet as the song itself. Mary Alice was inspired by a Valentine’s Day card featuring two astronauts and over the course of six pandemic months, she constructed the sets and all of the pieces by hand and shot the whole thing-frame-by-frame. It was very much a labor of love.”

He added, “The song tells the story of two astronaut-lovers who miss each other when separated by mission duties, so they reach each other on the phone while one is space-walking and the other is back on the ship. The inspiration for the song comes from our real-life experience as teenagers in a long-distance relationship and paying hundreds of dollars in phone bills, basically costing Pete his monthly Burger King salary. Our cat Halloween Jack appears briefly on the rocket, and our late cat Betty appears flying past.”

Watch the official music video for “Space Phone” by Electric Grandmother on YouTube:

In 2017, Electric Grandmother, who relocated to DC from Ohio six years earlier, founded their own label, Two Dillweeds. The band released Cancelled, a 2017 album with darker overturns than their previously more humorous work. In May, the duo released Relaunch, a follow-up album to Cancelled.

Visit Electric Grandmother online for more music!


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