Home Preview Song of the Day: “On the Way Downtown” by Dave Alvin

Song of the Day: “On the Way Downtown” by Dave Alvin

Song of the Day: “On the Way Downtown” by Dave Alvin

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Dave Alvin (Photo by Chip Duden)

Legendary troubadour Dave Alvin shares the Victor Krummenacher-directed video for “On the Way Downtown,” in memory of Gene Taylor, Chris Gaffney and Amy Farris.

The track appears on Dave’s The highly praised album, From An Old Guitar: Rare and Unreleased Recordings.

Said Dave: “‘On the Way Downtown’ is my favorite song written by one of my hero songwriters, Peter Case. I remember Peter playing this bittersweet song years ago, and I fell in love with it immediately. I knew then and there that I would have to record it someday, and so I did, and my multi-talented pal, Victor Krummenacher, made a brilliant video collage of my version.”

“I always get a little choked up listening to this recording because two of my dear friends who passed away, Chris Gaffney and Amy Farris are playing and singing on it, and this leads me to think of all of my other musicians and comrades who have gone on to the other side, most recently the beloved boogie woogie piano king Gene Taylor.”

“I really hope that Peter likes what I did to his song, and I sincerely hope that all of you enjoy it as well,” he added.

Watch the official music video for “On the Way Downtown” by Dave Alvin on YouTube:

On the making of the music video, Victor Krummenacher said, “After this very challenging and difficult year, I wanted to embrace the nostalgia, and memory of going downtown and see if I could give it the feel of being a continuum… that people have always been and will always be going downtown as a means of escape, into a stream of musicians, dancers, singers, bars and beers… the shared experience we all miss so much right now.”

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