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Song of the Day: “Part Time Psycho” by SHAED

Song of the Day: “Part Time Psycho” by SHAED

SHAED (Photo by Shervin Lainez)

Multi-platinum DC trio SHAED has announced the title and release date for their highly anticipated debut album. High Dive is set for release on May 14th via Photo Finish Records.

SHAED has also released their new single “Part Time Psycho” recently, featuring guest vocals from fellow No. 1 Alternative Chart musician and producer Two Feet.

SHAED teamed up with mental health organization Teen Line – who provides support, resources, and hope to young people through a helpline of professionally trained teen counselors, and works to destigmatize and normalize mental health through outreach programs – and will donate a portion of proceeds from album sales and pre-order bundles.

Said SHAED, “All of us are part time psychos. Feeling anxiety, pressure, confusion, and sadness is normal. But bottling these feelings up can be dangerous. It’s ok to admit when you’re struggling. It’s ok to feel a little psycho. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And you never will be. We hope that sharing this song about our own struggles helps normalize the ups and downs we all experience, and sparks more conversation about mental health.”

Said Two Feet, “SHAED sent me this song and I loved it. The production and songwriting caught my ear right away. That same day I sang my part on it and sent it back over. They’re all super talented and easy to work with and this song came together quickly like a charm.”

Watch the official music video for “Part Time Psycho” by SHAED featuring Two Feet on YouTube:

“Part Time Psycho” follows recent album tracks “No Other Way” and “Once Upon A Time” and further highlights both the elective nature of High Dive and the album’s profound meaning to the band. At the top of 2020 SHAED found themselves with a completely different set of songs, music written on the road in 2018 and 2019 while supporting their global breakout hit “Trampoline.” Feeling pressured to follow-up their first commercial hit, the band spent any free moment working with renowned songwriters and producers all around the globe.

As the global pandemic struck, like so many others, the trio – Chelsea Lee, her husband Spencer Ernst and his twin brother Max Ernst – found themselves cancelling plans and in one singular space for the first time in years. With a moment to finally pause, SHAED discovered that what would have been their debut album no longer felt personal or genuine.

As the world continued to be turned upside-down, the band scrapped everything they had written and started from scratch. Throughout the remainder of 2020, SHAED recorded and produced High Dive in their home studio, digging deep into the anxiety, depression, and fear that the pandemic brought on.

Visit SHAED online for more music.


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