Home Live Review Live Review: Aminé @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 3/2/22

Live Review: Aminé @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 3/2/22

Live Review: Aminé @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 3/2/22

Aminé performs at The Fillmore Silver Spring on March 2, 2022. (Photo by AJ Waugh)

Portland powerhouse Aminé’s The Best Tour Ever blew the doors off The Fillmore Silver Spring recently, selling out the venue out even on a Wednesday night. The energy was high from the first moment with opening performances from 454 and Cochise getting the crowd moving. After the openers, curtains were pulled back to reveal the stage and all the pieces of home Amine brought on tour with him, including an 8-foot tall statue of his labradoodle, Oliver.

On March 3 at The Fillmore Silver Spring, the crowd roared as the intro to “Mad Funny Freestyle” started to play and Aminé burst through the doors of the Alberta Market part of the set (The corner store he hung out at as a kid), sprinting on to the stage right as the beat dropped. He danced backwards and forwards as he performing and held the mic to the crowd while they screamed everyone’s favorite part of the song, “We finna make babies tonight, Googoo Gahgah”. After “Mad Funny,” Amine took out time to interact with the crowd and explained each section of the set, showed some Habesha pride, and reminded everyone that they’re beautiful all night, telling them to respond “I Know” whenever he said it.


Aminé pulled out all the stops throughout the night, using every part of the set and performing songs from all of his projects showcasing his diversity. Melodic hits like “RiRi” and “Easy” had everyone singing, records like “Charmander” and “Compensating” turned the room into a dance party and the floor was bouncing from the first note of songs like “Shimmy” and “Reel It In.” He even found time for my favorite B-Side “Pressure In My Palms.” He stopped the show momentarily and explained his Tour Pants that’s he wearing all throughout the tour and pulled a girl from the audience to sign the Maryland patch he had just added that day.


Aminé ended the night with “Caroline,” the song that started it all for him. Afterward, he thanked the crowd and threw them his sweat soaked ski mask before disappearing through the market doors. The crowd started to file out but the lights never came up. The encore chants started and maybe three minutes later “Mad Funny Freestyle” dropped again, and Aminé came running back on stage. People flowed back into the venue and went into a frenzy as he performed the song one more time. He showed love to everyone in the balconies and jumped down to the barricade to give hugs in the crowd and take pictures as the lights came up.

Check out the video for “Charmander” by Aminé on Youtube:

Stream TWOPOINTFIVE by Aminé on Spotify:


The Best Tour Ever is still rolling in the USA and Canada through out April, check the show out if you can. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Below are some more photos of Aminé performing at The Fillmore Silver Spring on March 2, 2022. All photos copyright and courtesy of AJ Waugh (@Waufflez – wauffleznotwaffles.com).



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