Home Preview Ticket Giveaway: Trapper Schoepp @ Jammin’ Java, 3/13/22

Ticket Giveaway: Trapper Schoepp @ Jammin’ Java, 3/13/22

Ticket Giveaway: Trapper Schoepp @ Jammin’ Java, 3/13/22

Trapper Schoepp (Photo by Mitch Keller)

Trapper Schoepp explores themes of ghosts and rebirth, springtime and renewal on his latest album, May Day. You can explore those themes with Trapper yourself in a show at Jammin’ Java on Sunday, March 13.

Parklife DC is giving away up to 10 tickets to the show! To get on the list, leave a comment on this blog post below!

With regard to May Day, released in May 2021, Trapper said, “May Day is an ancient holiday that celebrates the arrival of springtime, the natural world and also workers’ rights. It’s also my birthday. After this trying winter, we found solace in making an album for the spring.”

Although Trapper said that last year, the sentiment could just as easily apply to this year. At the very least: Concerts are back, and you can go see the show!

Watch the official music video for “Yellow Moon” by Trapper Schoepp on YouTube:

In 2019, Trapper Schoepp hit a songwriter’s jackpot: a co-write with Bob Dylan. And the circumstances were wildy serendipitous. On the day Dylan entered Columbia Studios in 1961 to begin recording his first studio album, he wrote a song about Wisconsin. The lyric sheet sat unseen with a former roommate, and was later unearthed and put up for auction at $30,000. Schoepp saw the story and seized the opportunity to set music to words. After Schoepp’s effort, he was granted Dylan’s approval to jointly publish the song. This 57-year-collaboration–“On, Wisconsin”–led to features in Rolling Stone and Billboard, an album called Primetime Illusion produced by Wilco’s Patrick Sansone, and nearly a hundred international tour dates.

Watch the official music video for “On Wisconsin” by Trapper Schoepp and Bob Dylan on YouTube:

Rules of The Giveaway

Comments are open until we have at least 10 respondents! Tell us you would like to go to the show, and you are in! Comment on the blog below to tell us you would like to go!

Buy a ticket if you don’t win!

Trapper Schoepp
Jammin’ Java
Sunday, March 13
Doors @ 6:30pm
All ages


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