Home Live Review Live Review: Conan Gray @ The Anthem — 3/12/22

Live Review: Conan Gray @ The Anthem — 3/12/22

Live Review: Conan Gray @ The Anthem — 3/12/22

Conan Gray performs at The Anthem on March 12, 2022. (Photos by Katie Child)

At only 23 years old, superstar Conan Gray has taken the pop industry by storm. Hitting the stage at The Anthem recently, Gray left the crowd more than satisfied.

With nearly 18 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Gray rose to fame at an extraordinarily quick pace; and for good reason. Thanks to social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, Gray’s captivating and relatable pieces quickly became well known by most platform users. Smash hits “Maniac,” “Heather,” and “Crush Culture,” help define Gray’s discography, capturing his comfortingly relatable lyricism and ability to write entrancing melodies. 

Watch Conan Gray’s official music video for his most-streamed song, ”Heather,” here on YouTube.

Accompanied by a lively four-piece band, Conan stormed the stage with enthusiasm that was quick to engulf the audience. On stage tall was a platform with a second level on top. The front of the platform served as a screen, displaying photos, videos, patterns, lyrics, and so much more, throughout the duration of the show. As the band began to strum their cords and warm up their drumsticks, the lights consumingly flashed on, and Conan appeared standing on the top level of the platform. Gesturing to the sold-out crowd and setting the show off on an enthralling note, he occupied the attention of what felt like the entirety of the venue. 


Conan’s setlist:

  1. Wish You Were Sober
  2. Telepath
  3. Comfort Crowd
  4. Fight or Flight
  5. Astronomy
  6. The Cut That Always Bleeds
  7. Checkmate
  8. Overdrive
  9. Affluenza
  10. The Story
  11. Lookalike
  12. Little League
  13. Jigsaw
  14. People Watching
  15. Maniac
  16. Heather

Stream Conan Gray’s debut album, Kid Krow, here on Spotify.

Conan is one of the rare musicians who truly embraces their fans. During the show he traced the barricade, receiving fans with open arms, before stepping up onto the barrier to sing in unison with the audience, allowing himself to join his fans. Gray’s ability and openness to connecting with his followers on a personal level, made the show an incredibly authentic and unassuming experience. 


Between his beautifully written (and performed) music and his strikingly admirable personality, Conan Gray created an unforgettable night.

More photos from Friday’s performance at The Anthem can be seen below. All pictures are copyright and courtesy of Katie Child.



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