Home Live Review Live Review: Dayglow @ 9:30 Club — 11/14/22

Live Review: Dayglow @ 9:30 Club — 11/14/22

Live Review: Dayglow @ 9:30 Club — 11/14/22

Dayglow performs at 9:30 Club on Nov. 14, 2022. (Photo by Katie Child)

Back in DC on his People in Motion Tour, Dayglow played two back-to-back packed houses at the 9:30 Club last week. First on Monday and second on Tuesday, Sloan Struble, professionally known as Dayglow, did anything but disappoint.

Currently on tour promoting his third album, People in Motion, Struble reigns from Texas, where he started his career as an indie pop artist. After his freshman album, Fuzzybrain, reach roughly 9 million streams on Soundcloud, he dropped out of college to pursue music full-time. Since his 2019 release of Fuzzybrain, he’s come a long way, having been nominated for iHeart’s Best New Rock/Alternative Rock Artist, playing two North American tours, and much much more.

Struble is such a happy performer; in combination with poppy clothes and funky dance moves, his personality bubbles off of the stage with the delivery of his music. Not only a wonderful performer but a stellar songwriter, Struble had his audience jumping all the way through to the back of house at 9:30 Club on Nov. 14. On my way out of the pit, I found myself ducking with every step, as fans threw their hands up in enjoyment; which doesn’t necessarily sound like a fun position to be in, but the unmatched energy within the crowd made it so much more enjoyable than you’d think.

Watch the official music video for “Can I Call You Tonight” by Dayglow on YouTube.

I had the opportunity to see Dayglow on his last tour, just over a year ago, and it was amazing to see his progression right in front of my eyes. Playing two nights instead of one, shows just how much he’s grown within the past 12 months. Witnessing his music impact twice as many people as it had a year ago was an incredibly proud moment.

Dayglow’s setlist:

  1. Radio
  2. Then It All Goes Away
  3. Hot Rod
  4. Run the World!!!
  5. Junior Varsity
  6. Something
  7. How Do You Know?
  8. Funkytown (Lipps, Inc. cover)
  9. Medicine
  10. Stops Making Sense
  11. Like She Does
  12. Fuzzybrain
  13. Turn Around
  14. Someone Else
  15. Deep End
  16. False Direction
  17. Listerine
  18. Can I Call You Tonight?
  19. Close to You
  20. Second Nature

Listen to Dayglow’s newest album, People In Motion, on Spotify.

Here are photos of Dayglow performing at 9:30 Club on Nov. 14, 2022. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Katie Child.


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