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Live Review: Stromae @ The Anthem — 12/3/22

Live Review: Stromae @ The Anthem — 12/3/22

Stromae performs at The Anthem in DC on Dec. 3, 2022. (Photo by Jason Nicholson)

Belgian dance-pop superstar Stromae stormed into The Anthem recently following a series of sold-out performances, including two evenings at NYC’s Madison Square Garden and a recent appear-ance on The Late Show with Steven Colbert.

To say going to a Stromae live concert is an experience is an understatement. Known in the past for putting on one of the best live shows on the planet, this tour is on a completely different stellar level. The author experienced Stromae previously in DC in 2015 at the Echostage, but the show at The Anthem on Dec. 3 took it to a whole new level with brilliant mind-blowing lighting, fashion, stage sets, visuals, mixed media, acoustics, robotics, choreography, dancing, and not least of all of course was the music.

Paul Van Haver — stage name “Stromae” — simply blew the roof off The Anthem during his sold-out show. The author has attended and photographed many shows over the years, and this certainly was one of the best he has experienced. It was also one of the loudest audiences he has heard at the venue too. Even Stromae commented on the enthusiastic crowd by poking fun and even asking for the audience to tone it down a bit. Multiple “standing” ovations occurred that were almost viral and went on for several minutes at the sold-out show.

Watch the official music video for “Fils de Joie” by Stromae on YouTube:

If you haven’t heard of Stromae, he exploded onto the music scene back in 2010. Hard to exactly pin down the genres of music other than “the Stromae sound,” his music ranges from rap and hip hop to electronic music sung in French using complex funny wordplay, irony and often cultural, social, and political commentary with a strong nod to one of Belgium’s most famous and iconic musicians, Jacques Brel. For about six years, Stromae was extremely active, touring and selling millions of records in mostly French-speaking countries. Stromae then withdrew from public life due to the pressures of fame and a prolonged period of depression. He continued to quietly make videos and promos for other artists. After a seven-year hiatus, the Maestro is back bigger and better than ever with a new album, titled “Multitude” and supported by his current tour of North America.

The artist “Stromae,” derived from a play on the syllables in “Maestro,” simply thrilled his audience of mixed French speakers and many non-French speakers on Saturday night. Stromae, speaking fluent English, introduced each song and joked with his audience. Regardless of whether you speak French or not, the love for the Stromae’s sound is universal. It was a party not to be missed and the revel-ing continued long after the event. After he finishes up his tour in North America, he’ll return to Europe next year. You’ll simply not want to miss and experience the Maestro next time, hopefully adding a second show in DC which no doubt would be sold out!

Watch Stromae perform “L’Enfer” live on France Inter via YouTube:

Sho Madjozi opened the show for Stromae at The Anthem with a strong play to her South African roots, beats and rap that incorporates the Tsonga culture through her music and image. The acrobatic dancing and dress and audience interaction was a perfect complement to Stromae and his paternal roots to Rwanda.

Here are some photos of Sho Madjozi performing at The Anthem on Dec. 3, 2022. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Jason Nicholson.

Sho Madjozi_Anthem_7_DSC04112_20221203
Sho Madjozi_Anthem_5_DSC04203_20221203
Sho Madjozi_Anthem_4_DSC04178_20221203
Sho Madjozi_Anthem_11_DSC04242_20221203
Sho Madjozi_Anthem_1_DSC03954_20221203
Sho Madjozi_Anthem_10_DSC04241_20221203
Sho Madjozi_Anthem_9_DSC04239_20221203
Sho Madjozi_Anthem_8_DSC04117_20221203
Sho Madjozi_Anthem_6_DSC04096_20221203
Sho Madjozi_Anthem_3_DSC04075_20221203
Sho Madjozi_35mmFilm_1_DS30756-2_20221205

And here are some images of Stromae performing at The Anthem on Dec. 3, 2022! All photos again copyright and courtesy of Jason Nicholson.



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