Home Live Review Live Review: Lewis Capaldi @ The Anthem — 4/3/23

Live Review: Lewis Capaldi @ The Anthem — 4/3/23

Live Review: Lewis Capaldi @ The Anthem — 4/3/23

Lewis Capaldi performs at The Anthem on April 3, 2023. (Photo by Katie Child)

Lewis Capaldi is the epitome of an entertainer. Not only one of the most incredible vocalists I’ve had the pleasure of photographing but easily the funniest, Capaldi entrances a crowd like no other. Naturally hilarious, fans from the barricade all the way through the back at his recent show at The Anthem were engaged with their eyes glued to Lewis. 

At 26 years old and from Scotland, Capaldi has, just in recent years, won the Brit Award’s Song of the Year and Best New Artist awards, and has topped charts around the globe, for several weeks at a time. Currently on the second leg of his Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent Tour, Capaldi has spent the last few months touring Europe. DC was his third show in the United States, and it was a pleasure to have him in the Nation’s Capital for a sold-out show at The Anthem on April 3.

With a packed itinerary, Capaldi will be touring the USA through mid-May, before taking the month of June off, and hitting the road again in July, bound for Australia. 

Listen to Lewis Capaldi’s top tracks here on Spotify.

With over 32 million monthly Spotify listeners, Capaldi’s often slow, hear-wrenching ballads have earned him nothing less than success. His music and lyrics contrast sharply with his personality on stage. Songs of his such as “Lost on You” and “Bruises” express such heartbreaking emotion, but he was quick to meet the end of each song with sarcastic banter at The Anthem.

Despite the dreary themes in his music, the audience had no choice but to enjoy a great time, and we certainly did.


  1. Forget Me
  2. Forever
  3. Lost on You
  4. Heavenly Kind of State of Mind (Unreleased)
  5. Fade
  6. Before You Go
  7. Bruises
  8. Wish You the Best (Unreleased)
  9. Grace
  10. Pointless
  11. Hold Me While You Wait
  12. How I’m Feeling Now
  13. Someone You Loved

Below are more photos of Lewis’ performance at The Anthem on April 3, 2023. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Katie Child.


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