Home Live Review Live Review: Babyface Ray @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 5/5/23

Live Review: Babyface Ray @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 5/5/23

Live Review: Babyface Ray @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 5/5/23
Babyface Ray performs at The Fillmore Silver Spring on May 5, 2023. (Photo by AJ Waugh)

The Wavy Navy smoked out the Fillmore Silver Spring for Babyface Ray’s DMV stop on his Courtesy of the MOB Tour. The Wavy Gang general has been touring accompanied by his friend and frequent collaborator, Veeze in support of Ray’s latest album MOB. With a stage dressed like Ray’s personal art gallery — including a wall full of golden guns, fan art, paintings of the Godfather, the Mona Lisa smoking a joint and styrofoam double cups along with some of his album covers and a picture of him and Veeze — Babyface Ray emerged from behind the gallery walls starting the night off with ”6 Mile Show” as the room erupted.

At The Fillmore Silver Spring on May 5, the crowd kept lighting up and bounced around all night as the laid back Detroit rapper performed records from all over the discography as he paced back and forth in his gallery. Street records like “What the Business Is,” “MOB,” and  Hallelujah” had everyone rapping along with their friends to all of Face’s most quotable lines like, “I keep that styro’ in my right but I spent blue cheese on my left” and “Motor City legend full of ice, Wayne Gretzky. Did some dirty things, chain dancin with the devil.”

While “Spend it,” probably Ray’s most mainstream song yet, had the ladies in the room singing along with the chorus by Nija, “I like when you spend it on me, spend it on me…”. Ray performed nearly every song from the “MOB” album, from the braggadocios rhymes on “Waves on Every Chain” and “Nice Guy” to a more reflective and personal track like “Spill my Cup,” although I couldn’t help but notice he skipped past my personal favorite “Masterpiece”. 

Check out the official music video for “Family over Money” by Babyface Ray on YouTube:

The highlight of the night was Veeze returned to the stage to help Ray close things out as the pair performed “Gallery Department” — named after the pricey clothing brand they’re often seen wearing and the inspiration for the tour’s artsy set design. The entire room rapped the song word for word along with the Wavy Boyz from beginning to end. The venue doors opened up and the massive cloud of smoke pumped out into the streets as Face started a Wavy Navy chant and gave a shout-out to DC, Baltimore, and the whole DMV before thanking everyone and telling them to meet him at the merch booth. 

Babyface Ray’s consistency and growth over the last few years have pushed him from a local legend in Detroit to one of the hottest up-and-coming hip-hop artists in the country since 2020. He is proof that when you build a solid foundation and fan base, can’t nobody stop the wave. 

Listen to Babyface Ray’s latest album MOB on Spotify:

Babyface Ray’s “Courtesy of the MOB” Tour wraps up this Sunday in his hometown of Detroit. If you’re in one of the last few cities be sure to grab a ticket.

Below are some more photos from Babyface Ray’s performance at The Fillmore Silver Spring on May 5, 2023. All photos copyright and courtesy of AJ Waugh (wauffleznotwaffles.com).


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