Home Live Review Snapshots: The Sisters of Mercy @ Hollywood Palladium — 5/23/23

Snapshots: The Sisters of Mercy @ Hollywood Palladium — 5/23/23

Snapshots: The Sisters of Mercy @ Hollywood Palladium — 5/23/23
Andrew Eldritch fronts The Sisters of Mercy at the Hollywood Palladium on May 23, 2023. (Photo by Ben Eisendrath)

The Sisters of Mercy, the legendary industrial act hailing from Leeds, England, is sweeping the country, and the band recently performed in a sold-out show at the Hollywood Palladium. And the encore featured a most welcome surprise.

Ben Eisendrath was there to photograph the show.

At the Hollywood Palladium on May 23, The Sisters of Mercy paced through an incredible 22-song set, hitting all of the tunes sure to please goth enthusiasts. Early in the show, the band performed the title track to its 1983 EP, Alice. Frontman Andrew Eldritch and his team really got the crowd going about one-third through set with “Dominion/Mother Russia” from the band’s beloved sophomore album, Floodland (1987). Needless to say, the entire room was absorbed by the double song’s refrain: “Some day, some day, some day, Dominion/ Some say prayers/ Some say prayers/ I say mine.”

Watch the official music video for “Dominion/Mother Russia” by The Sisters of Mercy on YouTube:

The Floodland celebration continued at the end of the show with an encore that included stunning renditions of “Lucretia My Reflection” and naturally “This Corrosion.” Could any industrial crowd ever resist a lusty singalong to “This Corrosion” and its chants of “Hey now, hey now now”….?

When The Sisters of Mercy first returned to stage for their encore, they did so with a special guest — local resident and new wave songstress Terri Nunn, famed for her career as frontwoman of Berlin. Terri joined Andrew to sing a duet of “Temple of Love,” which was first released as a single in 1983 and charted in the UK and elsewhere upon re-release in 1992.

After the show, Terri said on Twitter, “EPIC night w the Sisters of Mercy. 30 yrs since we played together. The band was amazing! Andrew asked me to sing Ofra Haza’s part in ‘Temple of Love.’ NO ONE sings like her. He said ‘Make it your own,’ so I went with it. Thank you Andrew, Ben, Dylan, Dave, Stumpy, Rob, and Teresa!”

The Sisters of Mercy remain in the USA through June 9, where they perform in Denver, Colorado, before going overseas.

Catch this rare US tour before it’s too late!

Here are some photos of The Sisters of Mercy performing at the Hollywood Palladium on May 23, 2023. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Ben Eisendrath.

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