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Live Review: Larry June @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 6/26/23

Live Review: Larry June @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 6/26/23
Larry June greets a sold-out crowd on the first of back-to-back nights at The Fillmore Silver Spring on June 26, 2023. (Photo by AJ Waugh)

The orange man himself, Larry June recently rocked the crowd at The Fillmore Silver Spring on the first of two sold-out nights in the DMV on his Larry’s Market Run Tour, in support of his collaboration album with The Alchemist, The Great Escape. The night started off with opening sets from DJ Dvme, and Larry’s artist and childhood friend Monroe Flow warming the room up before June hit the stage.

The crowd waited in anticipation until Larry stepped through the fog out onto the stage surrounded by crates of oranges and lights on all sides.

At The Fillmore Silver Spring on June 26, June kicked things off with “Private Valet” and “Don’t Try It” before turning things up with the fan favorite “Tracy, CA” as the crowd rapped along word for word. He followed this up with several cuts from The Great Escape album like, “Summer Reign,” “89 Earthquake,” and “60 Days,” two-stepping and popping his collar while he performed. Larry and the crowd shouted his famous ad-libs of positivity, “Good Job Larry,” “Keep Going,” and “Sock It 2 Me” back and forth to each other in between records as he interacted with the crowd and thanked him for so much love. 

Larry continued to weave between older and newer songs throughout the night, making sure everyone heard their favorites. Songs like “Water My Plants,” “I’m Feeling Good Today,” and “Palisades, CA” had the whole room rapping, and jams like “6 AM in Sausalito,” “I’ll Make Time,” and “Wait On Me” had them crooning their hearts out.

Check out the official music video for “Palisades, CA” by Larry June and The Alchemist featuring Big Sean on YouTube:

Towards the later end of his set Larry brought out his frequent collaborator, the DMV’s own Premo Rice to perform their record “Malaysia” as well as his latest single “Bishop Rice” while Larry played his hype man during Rice’s Dance break. Mr. Midnight saved the heat for last, closing the show out with favorites like “Let’s Drive to Vegas,” ”30 Day Run,” and his biggest record “Smoothies in 91” before two stepping his way off the stage as the crowd cheered and sang along with the hook, “I’m dreamin…91, 91 91”.

Larry June and Premo Rice sharing the stage.

Soon after, DJ Dvme started up a “Larry, Larry…” chant and in no time out came Larry one more time to end things with a bang. He finished things off perform “Green Juice in Dallas,” reminding everyone to “Stay healthy and take care of yourself” in the song’s intro. He danced his way backstage for the final time as the song ended and gave another big thank you over the mic from off-stage as everyone filed out. 

Listen to Larry June and the Alchemist’s album The Great Escape on Spotify:

Larry’s Market Run Tour is running all over the country throughout July, finally wrapping things up in Larry’s hometown Bay Area on July 23 before heading overseas. As a big fan of Larry, I definitely to suggest you check out the show for yourself if you can for a night full of positive vibes and good music.

Below are some more photos from Larry June’s performance at The Fillmore Silver Spring on June 26, 2023. All photos copyright and courtesy of AJ Waugh (wauffleznotwaffles.com).

Premo Rice


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