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Preview: Le Tigre @ Baltimore Soundstage, 7/19/23

Preview: Le Tigre @ Baltimore Soundstage, 7/19/23
Le Tigre (Photo by Leeta Harding)

Electronic trio Le Tigre are back, and they perform at Baltimore Soundstage on Wednesday, July 19. The show is sold out, but check other https://www.letigre.world/tourdates for a Le Tigre show near you.

Le Tigre (Kathleen Hanna, JD Samson, and Johanna Fateman) formed as an obstinately hopeful, even joyous, post-riot grrrl project in New York City in 1999. Abandoning traditional punk instrumentation, the band paired drum-machine beats and looped 8-bit samples with the simplest, serrated guitar riffs and call-and-response vocals to write the songs on their first, self-titled album. Released late that year, they conceived of it as music “for the party after the protest.”

Kathleen was best known as the singer of Bikini Kill, whose fans found feminist catharsis in her scorching vocals. “Deceptacon,” the lead track of Le Tigre’s debut, perhaps served as an aesthetic bridge between that seductive register of rage and her new band’s dancefloor ambitions.

Watch the official music video for “Deceptacon” by Le Tigre on YouTube:

Le Tigre released three full-length studio albums during its initial period of activity from 1998-2007. The band then became inactive for a long stretch, occasionally surfacing for a collaboration or a politically motivated single or performance.

Recently, Kathleen has been touring with Bikini Kill, running Tees 4 Togo (which sells artist-designed T-shirts to fund the non-profit organization Peace Sisters), and writing a book. JD has a full-time teaching position (as Assistant Arts Professor and Area Head of Performance at The Clive Davis Institute at NYU/Tisch), performs with CRICKETS, and tours with the original live score for the film 32 Sounds, directed by Sam Green. Johanna is an author and art critic who writes regularly for the “Goings on About Town” section of the New Yorker and for 4Columns; she is a contributing editor of Artforum.

But Le Tigre found the time to reunite this year for their first tour in 18 years! They are on the road now, and they perform locally at Baltimore Soundstage on Wednesday, July 19. That date is sold out, as are three dates closing the tour at Brooklyn Steel on July 27, 28, and 29.

Catch Le Tigre on tour near you!

Le Tigre
W/ Erin Markey
Baltimore Soundstage
Wednesday, July 19
Doors @ 7pm
Sold Out
All ages


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