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Live Review: Claud @ Union Stage — 9/16/23

Live Review: Claud @ Union Stage — 9/16/23
Claud performs at Union Stage on Sept. 16, 2023. (Photo by Sami Pye)

Claud Mintz, is just like me and and rest of Generation Z… minus their impressive resume of artists they’ve opened for, holding the inaugural spot on Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records label, and a music video with actor and, as they call him, “America’s sweetheart, Paul Rudd.”

In more ways than not, Claud is a relatable 24 year old who grew up with the internet in America. They wear friendship bracelets on stage, the same kind that their audiences wear on their own wrists, and did so in their recent appearance at Union Stage. They interact with fans on social media, managed a Jonas Brothers fan account before they became famous themself, and made music with friends in college, including their friend Claire, also known as Clairo. They even make Tik Toks, too, though their content may differ from the average person in their mid-twenties. This includes posting videos with friend Jack Antonoff of Bleachers and vlogs of them traveling to open for Boygenius and Broken Social Scene. 

Since beginning their solo career they have opened for plenty of well-seasoned artists, including Paramore, Bleachers, Boygenius, and played festivals like Austin City Limits. It is clear that Claud’s fresh bedroom-pop sound is the future of alternative music, and, to many, the face of Gen Z in music.

Claud is now touring to promote their sophomore record, Supermodels, which was released this past summer. With support from rock group Boyish, the two acts began their tour September 2023, with a stop at DC’s Union Stage on Sept. 16.

At their set, Claud played music from their discography, including Supermodels and their 2021 record, Super Monster. They also covered Taylor Swift’s “Betty,” a cover they did while opening for Boygenius. In their own rendition of the track from Swift’s Evermore album, Claud played both guitar and harmonica, and the multitasking wowed the crowd, evident with cheers.

Listen to Claud’s most recent release, Supermodels, here on Spotify.

Claud rotated through guitar and keys throughout the set, including one guitar covered with stickers featuring School of Rock, where they trained growing up in Highland Park, Illinois, and Syracuse University. These are a subtle yet notable reminders of Claud’s roots, now brought along for the ride on tour.

Mid-set, Claud invited India Shore and Claire Altendahl of Boyish back to the stage for their song “That’s Mr. Bitch to You,” getting the crowd dancing with middle fingers in the air.

During “Guard Down”, Claud ended the song with a lyric change, “Nothing like a DC summer… nothing like a DC summer…” replacing New York with the city in which they’re performing in. 

There’s a level of authenticity Claud has with fans that is different from other artists. Their show at the intimate venue was a performance as much as it felt as a hangout, talking about Shake Shack, a dog race they caught before the show at The Wharf, and their hatred for encores because they are always nervous people will just leave. 

The DC audience was sure to make sure that was not the case.


A Good Thing
Guard Down
Every Fucking Time
Cuff Your Jeans
Paul Rudd
Climbing Trees
It’s Not About You
If I Were You
Betty (Taylor Swift Cover)
Mr. Bitch
Glass Wall
Wish You Were Gay
Go Home
Soft Spot

Here are photos of Claud performing at Union Stage on Sept. 16, 2023. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Sami Pye.


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