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Live Review: 6LACK @ The Anthem — 11/8/23

Live Review: 6LACK @ The Anthem — 11/8/23
6LACK performs at The Anthem on Nov. 8, 2023. (Photo by Mecie Gold)

A night at The Anthem is always fun. This was clear as a crowd recently eagerly awaited the start of the Since I Have a Lover Tour featuring the talented R&B/rap performer 6lack.

The night kicked off with opening acts Jordan Ward and Quin, but what made this tour truly special was that 6lack joined each artist on stage to perform the songs on which they had collaborated. Quin showed visuals of her music video “Run It Back” featuring 6lack.

As the lights dimmed and the room filled with anticipation on Nov. 8, The Anthem stage suddenly lit up! During the set, the lights perfectly complementing the mood and the songs of the show (one of my favorite sets based off lighting). The warm tones created an intimate and cozy atmosphere, setting the stage for an unforgettable night.

6lack wasted no time in engaging with the crowd, asking them which song he should sing next. The crowd erupted with excitement as they shouted out their favorite tracks. “Switch” and “Stan” were among the first songs that had the audience grooving and singing along.

But it was during the performance of “Ex Calling” that things took a fiery turn. With middle fingers held high, 6lack and the crowd defiantly sang the lyrics, expressing their disdain for past lovers. The energy in the room was palpable, and it was clear that everyone was fully immersed in the music.

Watch the official music video for “Ex Calling” by 6lack on YouTube:

6lack then decided to do a temperature check with the crowd, moving from left to middle to right, ensuring that the energy remained high throughout the night. The crowd responded with enthusiasm, proving that they were still alive and ready for more.

Before diving into “Problems,” 6lack paused for a moment, allowing the crowd to take over and sing the lyrics word for word. It was a powerful moment of unity, as everyone in the room connected through the music and shared their own experiences.

Just when the crowd thought they couldn’t be more captivated, 6lack hit them with another banger, “Pretty Little Fears.” As the song played, he graciously stepped back, allowing the crowd to take over and sing J. Cole’s verse. The room erupted with passion and admiration for both artists, creating a moment of collaboration and appreciation.

But the surprises didn’t end there. 6lack picked up a guitar and treated the crowd to a soulful and mesmerizing solo. The room fell silent as his fingers danced across the strings, showcasing his versatility as an artist. Let them he just star playing not too long ago.

And then, in a heartwarming twist, 6lack brought out a special guest. A woman stepped onto the stage, trembling with excitement, and proposed to her boyfriend in front of the entire crowd.

As the night came to a close, the crowd left the venue with hearts full of joy and memories that would last a lifetime. 6lack’s Since I Have a Lover Tour had not only showcased his incredible talent but had also brought people together, creating an unforgettable experience that would be cherished by all who attended.

Here are some photos of 6lack performing at The Anthem on Nov. 8, 2023. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Mecie Gold.



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