Home Live Review Snapshots: John Scofield Trio @ Wolf Trap — 11/16/23

Snapshots: John Scofield Trio @ Wolf Trap — 11/16/23

Snapshots: John Scofield Trio @ Wolf Trap — 11/16/23
The John Scofield Trio perform at Wolf Trap on Nov. 16, 2023. (Photo by Mark Raker)

The John Scofield Trio kicked off the US portion of their fall tour with a heavy jazz inspired evening at The Barns of Wolf Trap on Nov. 16. Mark Raker was there to photograph the show.

The band consists of John Scofield, Vicente Archer on stand-up bass, and Bill Stewart on drums, and they are celebrating the release of the most recent album, Uncle John’s Band, which published in October.

The evening featured a few songs from the new album and they noodled through a blending of various genres such as fusion, blues, and funk. John’s guitar style is distinctly characterized by his use of extended harmonies, unique phrasing, and a bluesy feel.

His versatility and ability to cross genre boundaries allows him to collaborate with a wide range of musicians and engage and showcase in various musical projects.

Stream Uncle John’s Band by John Scofield, Vicente Archer, and Bill Stewart on Spotify:

The tour moves on to Baltimore, six shows in NYC, and then to a finish in the Northeast with a show in Toronto, Northampton, Massachusetts, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Here are some photos of the John Scofield Trio performing at Wolf Trap on Nov. 16, 2023. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Mark Raker.

20231116 - Scofield Trio-816-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-819-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-821-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-843-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-845-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-866-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-868-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-872-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-874-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-876-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-945-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-946-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-950-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-954-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-963-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-965-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-995-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-1001-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-1022-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-1027-2
20231116 - Scofield Trio-1030-2


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