Home Preview Preview: The Alarm w/ Blow Monkeys and Belouis Some @ State Theatre, 5/18/24

Preview: The Alarm w/ Blow Monkeys and Belouis Some @ State Theatre, 5/18/24

Preview: The Alarm w/ Blow Monkeys and Belouis Some @ State Theatre, 5/18/24
Mike Peters of The Alarm (Photo courtesy Reybee Inc.)

Mike Peters of The Alarm recently announced a 2024 North American Tour, titled Live Today Love Tomorrow Tour MMXIV, with special guests The Blow Monkeys and Belouis Some.

“This tour will be a chance for a generation of fans — both old and new — to step back into the future and celebrate a time that defined millions of people’s life soundtracks when the era of Music Television ruled the earth,” Peters declared.

Parklife is gobsmacked that this amazing tour comes to the State Theatre in Falls Church, Virginia, on Saturday, May 18.

Featuring a phalanx of British music artists who first came to prominence in North America during the original MTV music television era, The Alarm, The Blow Monkeys, and Belouis Some all broke onto the scene with music that collectively blurred the lines between new wave, alternative rock, and pop music as we know it. For The Blow Monkeys and Belouis Some, this tour marks their re-entry into the USA performance space after quite some time.

Said Peters, “All our bands made an initial impact through the medium of music, but it was driven deeper into the hearts and imaginations of people all over North America via Music Television — a then brand new format that allowed bands from all across the globe to be both heard and seen, paving the way for a new generation of artists and fans of which had never been witnessed before.”

The Alarm first arrived onto the US music scene in 1983 via an appearance on the original MTV Cutting Edge TV Show and a debut tour of America as the opening act for U2 on the War Tour. Subsequently described by Bono as “The second greatest rock and roll band in the world,” The Alarm has maintained a constant North American presence ever since with classic singles such as “The Stand,” “Strength,” and “Rain In The Summertime.”

Watch the official music video for “Rain in the Summertime” by The Alarm on YouTube:

“We are thrilled to be returning to the States again,” said Dr. Robert of The Blow Monkeys. “The music of America has been the soundtrack to our lives and in some ways we feel like we are coming home.”

British auteurs The Blow Monkeys appeared on MTV’s Cutting Edge TV show in 1986 en route to establishing their song “Digging Your Scene” as a massive Top 20 Billboard Hit single. Of course, the Live Today Love Tomorrow Tour MMXIV takes its name from a 1982 Blow Monkeys song, “Live Today Love Tomorrow.”

Watch the official music video for “Digging Your Scene” by The Blow Monkeys on YouTube:

Added Belouis Some, “I’m really looking forward to getting out on the road again with such a cool line-up… playing to the best audiences in the world!”

Belouis Some created the classic international hit singles “Imagination” and “Some People” in 1985, and while touring with Frankie Goes To Hollywood, caused controversy at MTV with a nude video created by the legendary Storm Thorgerson. In 1986, Belouis Some contributed the song “Round, Round” to the classic John Hughes’ era defining film soundtrack Pretty In Pink.

Watch the official music video for “Imagination” by Belouis Some (the full cut version, that is to say) on YouTube:

“I’m excited that The Alarm can be part of this tour with two amazing artists who I have admired forever,” Mike Peters said. “The Blow Monkeys and The Alarm are connected to times before our bands were even born and Belouis Some’s music is to be admired through musician connections to one of our collective heroes — David Bowie and beyond I’m sure this will be a tour where we all perform together at various times along the way.”

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The Alarm
W/ The Blow Monkeys and Belouis Some
State Theatre
Saturday, May 18
Doors @ 7pm
All ages


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