Home Live Review Live Review: Eric Bellinger @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 2/29/24

Live Review: Eric Bellinger @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 2/29/24

Live Review: Eric Bellinger @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 2/29/24
Eric Bellinger performs at The Fillmore Silver Spring on Feb. 29, 2024. (Photo by Mecie Gold)

I had the privilege of attending Eric Bellinger’s recently headlining concert, The Rebirth Tour, at The Fillmore Silver Spring, and let me tell you, it was an experience. The night before the release of his album The Rebirth 3, concert-goers at The Fillmore Silver Spring were treated to a special sneak peek of new music.

One of the highlights of the night on Feb. 29 was the performance of “Backstage” featuring Zae France, where both artists took the stage together. Singing to the audience as most of them wish they could go backstage. Eric Bellinger told us how the album held a deep personal significance for him, as he shared how it symbolized his own journey of rebirth after the loss of his mother. Each set during the concert reflected the theme of the album, starting with the latest release, The Rebirth 3, and ending with fan favorites from his previous albums.

The attention to detail in the concert production was remarkable. Between sets, the stage transformed to match the artwork of each album, creating a visually experience. From a cascading waterfall for The Rebirth 3, to a futuristic vibe for The Rebirth 2, and a captivating California slide show for The Rebirth, every element transported the audience into Eric Bellinger’s world. I was particularly impressed when he emerged on stage wearing the same outfits depicted on the album covers, the red beanie and jean jacket classic. It was clear that he had meticulously planned every aspect of the tour.

Each set included about four to five songs, including crowd favorites like “Imagination,” “Drive By,” and “Your Favorite Song.” Eric also treated the audience with another new song featuring Sevyn Street called “Drop,” which had everyone on their feet. One of the most memorable moments of the night was when Eric invited three fans to join him on stage to dance during Sevyn’s part. The energy in the room was incredible, and the fans left everything on the floor, showcasing their talent and passion.

Watch the official lyric video for “Drop” by Eric Bellinger and Sevyn Street on YouTube:

Eric Bellinger has an undeniable charm that captivates the audience. His stage presence and connection with the crowd made you feel like he was singing directly to you. He completely drew everyone into the lyrics, and you could feel the emotions behind each word. It was a truly immersive and intimate experience.

Overall, The Rebirth Tour exceeded all expectations. Eric Bellinger’s talent, passion, and attention to detail made it a night to remember. If you have the opportunity to catch this tour, I highly recommend it, you won’t be disappointed. Trust me “This gon’ be your favorite tour.”

Here are some photos of Eric Bellinger performing at The Fillmore Silver Spring on Feb. 29, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Mecie Gold.



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