Home Live Review Live Review: Flyana Boss @ The Atlantis — 3/5/24

Live Review: Flyana Boss @ The Atlantis — 3/5/24

Live Review: Flyana Boss @ The Atlantis — 3/5/24
Flyana Boss perform at The Atlantis on March 5, 2024. (Photo by Mecie Gold)

Flyana Boss brought their Bosstanical Garden Tour to The Atlantis in DC recently, and it was an incredible experience from start to finish. It was out of this world!

This hip hop duo gained popularity through their online success with “You Wish,” and now they’re taking their talent from running through our timelines to running from state to state on tour.

At The Atlantis on March 5, the energy at the concert was off the charts, both from the performers and the audience. It was clear that Flyana Boss and the crowd were perfectly in sync with each other. The venue, The Atlantis, was the perfect size, allowing concert goers to have great views from all angles. It created an intimate atmosphere where everyone could feel fully immersed in the music.

There’s been some talk about Flyana Boss being an “industry plant,” but I disagree. To me, they come across as fun and quirky individuals who are authentically themselves. They have a unique style that sets them apart from any other duo in the industry. If you were on the right side of TikTok you would know this was no overnight success. You saw them push themselves to where they are now. Not everyone can say they have Missy Elliott on a remix. They create empowering music for disenfranchised groups who often don’t have a voice, and I applaud them for using their platform to make a difference.

Despite being new to the scene, Flyana Boss has already delivered some catchy hits that have been stuck in my head since the show, such as “Bitch Imma Star,” “Mango Bananas,” and “Trashboi.” As I walked through the crowd, I couldn’t help but be reminded of one of my favorite childhood movies, FernGully. The concert was filled with people wearing elf ears, wings, and other mystical vibes, creating a whimsical and inclusive environment.

Watch an official lyric video for “Trashboi” by Flyana Boss on YouTube:

There were a few standout moments during the show that left a lasting impression on me. First, Flyana Boss’s breath control was incredible. They were able to rap and dance for an hour without showing any signs of fatigue, showcasing their incredible stamina and dedication to their craft. Their outfits were also on point and original, perfectly matching the theme of the concert. Additionally, I appreciated how they engaged with the audience throughout the show. They asked questions, complemented people on their outfits, and even recognized a few fans from Instagram stories. Few artists take the time to connect with their fans in such a personal way.

But what truly set Flyana Boss apart was their post-show interaction with the fans. After the concert, they came out to greet their fans and allowed us to take home a few setlist. I had a feeling to stick around, and I’m so glad I did. They were incredibly sweet and even recorded a video for my sister who couldn’t attend the show. It’s these little gestures that go a long way in building a strong and dedicated fanbase.

Flyana Boss’s Bosstanical Garden Tour was a great way to headline your first tour. Their high energy, unique style, and genuine connection with the audience made for a night filled with incredible music and magical vibes. I have no doubt that they will continue to rise in the music industry, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

Here are some photos of Flying Boss performing at The Atlantis on March 5, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Mecie Gold.



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