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Live Review: Sleater-Kinney @ The Anthem — 3/12/24

Live Review: Sleater-Kinney @ The Anthem — 3/12/24
Sleater-Kinney perform at The Anthem in DC on March 12, 2024. (Photo by David LaMason)

There’s a thing that happens when you’ve known someone so long. A sort of telepathy or a way of tuning into the same wavelength.

Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein, the duo who make up the core of Sleater-Kinney, have that connection. The band that started back in 1994 has created a body of work that continues to grow and evolve. Now 11 studio albums and 30 years into their creative partnership, Sleater-Kinney recently published one of their strongest albums, Little Rope, this past January.

The last time I had seen Sleater-Kinney was when they had joined Wilco at Merriweather Post Pavilion right after the release of their last album, Path of Wellness. It was a relatively short punchy set, so I was eager to see them again especially behind Little Rope at The Anthem on March 12.

Opening the night was Black Belt Eagle Scout, helmed by Katherine Paul, who with just a three-piece brought a huge sound. I had seen Black Belt Eagle Scout a few times before, but this time I was impressed at how much the band’s music has grown over the last few years.

As the lights dimmed, and Sleater-Kinney took the stage silhouetted by a church-like backdrop. Amidst the strobe lights, Brownstein and Tucker took center stage as their twin guitars kicked off new songs, “Hell” and “Needlessly Wild” from Little Rope.

The new songs sounded right at home alongside older tunes like the angular “Get Up” from 1997’s The Hot Rock. And for a large part, this felt like a reconnecting. Harder, distorted songs were up front as Tucker’s voice cut through the massive clang of guitars.

Watch the official music video for “Say It Like You Mean It” by Sleater-Kinney on YouTube:

Over the span of the set, the band played several songs from their catalog, back to 1997’s Dig Me Out but conspicuously absent was material from the last record, Path of Wellness.

As Brownstein told the crowd, “We have been listening to your requests and the ones we are capable of playing… we’re playing” before launching into a clear favorite, “One More Hour.”

The duos’ opening harmonies that started “Hurry On Home” sounded tight before the poppy refrain kicked in disconnect me from my bones / so I can float, so I can roam / disconnect me from my skin / erase the mark begin again.

The Woods, was well represented with a couple of my favorite songs from the album, “Jumpers” and “Modern Girl.”

But it was the last song of their regular set, “Untidy Creature” that was the surprise as Corin Tucker walked into the crowd to sing, arms raised before the band returned to encore with the single, “Say It Like You Mean It” and fan-favorite, “Dig Me Out.”

Sleater-Kinney continue their massive Little Ropes Tour through the Fall.

The setlist included:

Needlessly Wild
Get Up
Bury Our Friends
Small Finds
The Center Won’t Hold
One More Hour
Hunt You Down
The Future Is Here
Start Together
Don’t Feel Right
A Quarter to Three
Hurry On Home
Six Mistakes
Dress Yourself
The Fox
A New Wave
Modern Girl
Untidy Creature

Say It Like You Mean It
Dig Me Out

Here are more photos of Sleater-Kinney performing at The Anthem on March 12, 2024. All photos copyright and courtesy of David LaMason.

And here are photos of Black Belt Eagle Scout opening for Sleater-Kinney at The Anthem on March 12th.


  1. It was a fun show and I’m glad I went but the band really suffers in the absence of Janet Weiss. She is/was one of the most dynamic and powerful drummers on the scene and imo she has been I replaceable for the band. S-K without Weiss is like Pixies sans Kim Deal – a fundamental element of the sound is conspicuously absent.


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