Home Live Review Live Review: Bryce Vine @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 3/13/24

Live Review: Bryce Vine @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 3/13/24

Live Review: Bryce Vine @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 3/13/24
Bryce Vine performs at The Fillmore Silver Spring on March 13, 2024. (Photo by Carol Lowe)

Bryce Vine’s recent performance at The Fillmore Silver Spring was nothing short of a musical delight.

With his upbeat songs, the sheer joy he exuded onstage infected the crowd, with everyone jumping and dancing along to the tour’s headlining song “Saturday Night” as well as crowd favorites like “La La Land,” “Drew Barrymore,” and “Sour Patch Kids.”

With openers Yoshi T. and Hoodie Allen, the night started off with a slow build, understandably so for an early Wednesday night show on March 13. Yoshi T. managed to get the energy started by the end of his set, with Hoodie Allen capitalizing on the build and gearing the audience up for Bryce Vine’s set.

With the lineup perfectly curated to create a “Saturday Night” house-party vibe to the show, it was easy to leave the stresses of the week and the work-day behind and just relax to some good music (which I clearly wasn’t the only one doing as I saw a few people show up still in their work clothes, having come straight to the show to catch the entire thing).

Allen got the crowd pumping with some of his well-known songs like “Champagne and Pools” and “Fame Is for Assholes” and his high-energy antics on stage definitely got the crowd loosened up and ready to go for Vine, wiping the last thoughts of work and school away from the crowd and bringing the weekend vibe to the night.

Watch a short film for “Saturday Night” by Bryce Vine on YouTube:

While Vine has started gaining more traction in the mainstream music world, his show had a perfect mix of bar show familiarity with fans and arena stage production, giving the audience a much needed dose of serotonin in the middle of the week. The audience clearly all came to party, and the exhilaration was palpable as everyone danced and sang along, and we all pretended it was Saturday night right along with him.

Check out more photos of Bryce Vine performing at The Fillmore Silver Spring on March 13, 2024! All pictures copyright and courtesy of Carol Lowe.


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