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Snapshots: Eliza McLamb @ Union Stage — 3/25/24

Snapshots: Eliza McLamb @ Union Stage — 3/25/24
Eliza McLamb performs at Union Stage on March 25, 2024. (Photo by Carolin Harvey)

Eliza McLamb recently released her debut full-length, Going Through It, via Royal Mountain Records — and she’s touring the album now! Eliza swung by Union Stage in DC for a show recently, and Carolin Harvey was there to photograph the concert.

The following article is adapted from a press release.

At Union Stage on March 25, the setlist consisted mostly of the album as Eliza opened with tracks “Before,” “Glitter,” and “Punch Drunk.”

Toward the end of the main set, Eliza performed “Modern Woman,” the single that proceeded the release of the album.

Stream “Modern Woman” by Eliza McLamb on YouTube:

Eliza closed the set with “Mythologize Me,” a caustic look at “young love” with its lyrics: “Make me in your perfect image of a girl/ So sweet but always incomplete and grateful for/ Your needs to give me meaning.”

On top of pursuing a career in music, Eliza is the co-host of the enormously popular podcast Binchtopia which has received much deserved recognition from The New York Times in their deep dive into the exciting new wave of female creators. McLamb also has her Substack where she publishes personal and investigative essays. While both of those avenues offer insight into McLamb’s mind, it’s her music that helps her work through the past.

“I sit down to write when I’m feeling a certain way and I don’t know why,” she said. “It’s a process of translating an emotional reality into a musical one, something that can be easily shared.”

Here are some photos of Eliza McLamb performing at Union Stage on March 25, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Carolin Harvey.

03252024_Eliza McLamb_01
03252024_Eliza McLamb_02
03252024_Eliza McLamb_03
03252024_Eliza McLamb_04
03252024_Eliza McLamb_05
03252024_Eliza McLamb_06
03252024_Eliza McLamb_07
03252024_Eliza McLamb_08
03252024_Eliza McLamb_09
03252024_Eliza McLamb_10
03252024_Eliza McLamb_11
03252024_Eliza McLamb_12
03252024_Eliza McLamb_13
03252024_Eliza McLamb_14
03252024_Eliza McLamb_15
03252024_Eliza McLamb_16
03252024_Eliza McLamb_17
03252024_Eliza McLamb_18
03252024_Eliza McLamb_19

Here are some photos of openers Mini Trees at Union Stage on March 25.

03252024_Mini Trees_01
03252024_Mini Trees_02
03252024_Mini Trees_03
03252024_Mini Trees_04
03252024_Mini Trees_05
03252024_Mini Trees_06
03252024_Mini Trees_07


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