Home Live Review Snapshots: Yola @ The Atlantis — 4/15/24

Snapshots: Yola @ The Atlantis — 4/15/24

Snapshots: Yola @ The Atlantis — 4/15/24
Yola performs at The Atlantis on April 15, 2024. (Photo by Steve Satzberg)

English Americana singer-songwriter Yola recently performed at The Atlantis in DC, where she spotlighted her second studio full-length album, Stand for Myself.

Steve Satzberg was there to photograph the show!

Across a 19-song setlist at The Atlantis on April 15, Yola performed nine songs from Stand for Myself. She also performed five cover songs, notably Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” toward the end of her set and Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love” to kick off her encore.

Yola, born Yolanda Claire Quartey, also added some new songs to her setlist, suggesting that a new album may be on the way. She closed her show with a live debut of her song “Ready.”

Watch the official music video for “Stand for Myself” by Yola on YouTube:

Yola has a few USA dates scheduled in June, perhaps indicating that she may be announcing another leg of touring soon!

Check Yola’s website for more tourdates.

Here are some photos of Yola performing at The Atlantis in DC on April 15, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Steve Satzberg.

Satzberg Photography-GV5A8340
Satzberg Photography-GV5A8342
Satzberg Photography-GV5A8370
Satzberg Photography-GV5A8381
Satzberg Photography-GV5A8387
Satzberg Photography-GV5A8391
Satzberg Photography-GV5A8395
Satzberg Photography-GV5A8414
Satzberg Photography-JB8A6519
Satzberg Photography-JB8A6523
Satzberg Photography-JB8A6529
Satzberg Photography-JB8A6571
Satzberg Photography-JB8A6622
Satzberg Photography-JB8A6640
Satzberg Photography-JB8A6659
Satzberg Photography-JB8A6671


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