Home Live Review Snapshots: Sofar Sounds and Salt Lick Incubator: Portraits & Memoirs Tour w/ Alex Blue, Léa The Leox, and Claire Ernst @ Washington DC — 4/27/24

Snapshots: Sofar Sounds and Salt Lick Incubator: Portraits & Memoirs Tour w/ Alex Blue, Léa The Leox, and Claire Ernst @ Washington DC — 4/27/24

Snapshots: Sofar Sounds and Salt Lick Incubator: Portraits & Memoirs Tour w/ Alex Blue, Léa The Leox, and Claire Ernst @ Washington DC — 4/27/24
Alex Blue, Claire Ernst, and Léa The Leox perform in DC in a tour presented by Sofar Sounds and the Salt Lick Incubator on April 27, 2024. (Photo by Steve Satzberg)

Sofar Sounds and Salt Lick Incubator showcased three young artists on Portraits & Memoirs Tour, which held two dates in DC recently. Steve Satzberg was there to photograph Alex Blue, Léa The Leox, and Claire Ernst in concert in Eckington on April 27.

The following article is adapted from a press release.

Folk singer-songwriter Alex Blue is making music that softens the noise. Alex got her start as an artist (known then as “Alex G”) during YouTube’s Golden Era, where at one point hers was the fastest-growing music channel on the platform. The success was fast, but it was also costly. After a few years, she found herself completely drained by the pressure and demands of maintaining it, and so stepped away from the artist she had been to create something new. Over the years that followed, Alex worked to cultivate her strengths as a songwriter — poetic lyricism, truthful storytelling, stirring melodies — and to integrate those into an artist identity that is authentic and sustainable. She now aims to make music that is grounding, transparent, and connective, that doesn’t demand attention but invites listeners into an experience that is gentle and generous. Alex’s upcoming record, Kin, orbits themes of family, grief, diaspora, and queer motherhood. She currently lives in Michigan with her wife, Torri, and son, Auden.

Watch the official music video for “May It Change You” By Alex Blue on YouTube:

LÉA THE LEOX (“Lay-Uh”) might just be getting started, but her journey is already one filled with great promise. The Brockton (MA) native, has made her way to Los Angeles where she is quickly making her mark as a multi-genre artist. Her captivating and introspective music is rooted in Classic R&B — weaving soul, pop, and folk together to create her unique, timeless sound. This can be heard in her debut EP “Purpose,” released via Genius Distro. The six-song project reflects her personal growth as she goes through the trials and tribulations of her early 20s. The EP debuted at No. 1 on Audiomack’s Global and R&B charts. LÉA’s breathtaking and emotional delivery has landed her on multiple editorials including the cover of Spotify’s Fresh Finds R&B. As she makes her return from joining Mariah Carey on her Christmas tour, she is prepping for a busy 2024. Starting with the release of a Live Acoustic EP, and going on her first tour as a solo artist, there’s a lot to anticipate from LÉA THE LEOX this year.

Watch Léa The Leox perform “Unspoken” live for Salt Lick Sessions on YouTube:

New Jersey native Claire Ernst is a pop/R&B artist now based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Accumulating over 5 million streams on Spotify alone, Claire Ernst has been evolving constantly since she began releasing at age 14. With the lyrical influences of Kacey Musgraves and Allen Stone, and the melodic influences of Yebba and PJ Morton, her unique, soulful sound is waiting to fall on the right ears. During Covid, Claire won the recognition of R&B star “HER,” and she has been growing her TikTok community ever since, garnering praise there from stars Jacob Collier, Jojo, Jason Derulo, and Andy Grammer. A recent EP release under her belt, she is working on her debut full-length album and can’t wait to share it with the world.

Watch the official music video for “Me at the Moment” by Claire Ernst on YOuTube:

Here are some photos of Alex Blue, Léa The Leox, and Claire Ernst performing for Sofar Sounds and Salt Lick Incubator in DC’s Eckington neighborhooed on April 27, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Steve Satzberg.

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