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Live Review: Alice Merton w/ Brassie @ The Atlantis — 5/6/24

Live Review: Alice Merton w/ Brassie @ The Atlantis — 5/6/24
Alice Mertron performs at The Atlantis in DC on May 6, 2024. (Photo by James Todd Miller)

Alice Merton recently released a new EP, Heron, through her own independent record label, Paper Plane Records Int., and she dropped by The Atlantis in DC to play a set that included four of the new songs.

Local DC singer-songwriter Brassie opened the Alice Merton show on May 6 with a delightful acoustic set, taking the place of the scheduled opener last minute. Brassie, who has become a routine opener for major acts performing at The Atlantis and 930 Club, quickly captured the crowd with her easygoing attitude, and songs crafted from the heart.

At one point a fan yelled out she remembered Brassie’s great opening set for Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES’s last year at the 930 Club. Brassie’s songs are highlighted by beautiful melodies and harmonies and reminiscent of the style of musicianship we once saw with Melanie of Woodstock era fame. Brassie briefly mentioned her EP Quiet in the Backseat and her disdain for social media, while still having a desire to make it big in the music industry. She appears to be heading in the right direction as she continues to open for seasoned acts, and announced she will be opening again the following night.

Stream Quiet in the Backset by Brassie and Vanic on Spotify: 

Alice Merton’s sold-out show was fantastic as she and band rocked hard and provided insightful words throughout the performance conversing well with the gleeful audience.

Merton is strong minded, very independent, and easily writes songs about her own experiences highlighted by her song “Mania” during the early stages of the concert, and later in the show with “Charlie Brown.” She highlights unhealthy relationships and being her own person in these songs, which adds to her credibility as a musician and songwriter.

The Atlantis show was the first stop of Merton’s 2024 North American Tour and comes after the band had been away from the stage for about a five-month break. While writing songs about undesirable relationships and becoming an independent person, Merton and band also provide a very energized and dance-oriented style of rocking music easily putting persons at the show in a great mood, which was evident by the great applause and energy felt during the set.

Stream Heron by Alice Merton on Spotify:

The music was captivating and stays in your head. Alice’s music has been compared to the style of, Florence and the Machine, and the British band T’Pau also comes to my mind as a potential comparative band. Merton’s ability to converse and play upbeat music solidifies for me her potential connection with T’Pau, and lead singer Carole Decker’s dynamic rapport and style on stage. Before closing the show out, Merton did a great version of her internationally acclaimed song “No Roots,” leaving the fans wanting more.

Merton described how great it was to be touring again, especially after the fallout from Covid-19, and her past issues with performance anxiety, which resulted in not enjoying touring and singing as much as she should have. Therapy during this time helped her tremendously, and she was excited to tell the audience she now gets that enjoyment, and getting to share her music with people is special.

Alice Merton and band will play several dates in the USA before returning to Europe for shows in June. Merton has a great personality, and voice. It will be interesting to follow her career progression and see where she takes this newfound independent momentum as she expands her catalog of work in the near future. Her lyrical ability may be the piece that pushes her career higher and higher.

Here are some photos of Brassie opening Alice Merton at The Atlantis on May 6, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of James Todd Miller.

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And here are some photos of Alice Mertron headlining The Atlantis on May 6, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of James Todd Miller.

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