Home Live Review Live Review: Our Last Night w/ Broadside, Normandie @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 5/21/24

Live Review: Our Last Night w/ Broadside, Normandie @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 5/21/24

Live Review: Our Last Night w/ Broadside, Normandie @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 5/21/24
Our Last Night performs at The Fillmore Silver Spring on May 21, 2024. (Photo by Carol Lowe)

Post-hardcore rockers Our Last Night recently took over The Fillmore Silver Spring with an absolute banger of a night for their Covers Only Tour, selling out the show!  

Bringing in opening act Normandie, a band hailing all the way from Sweden, the night kicked off with an international blast on May 21. The band definitely brought all of their energy for a weekday night, and the crowd, mostly new to their music, definitely became fans and warmed up quickly for what was sure to be a night to remember. I even took out my phone to save their album once I was done with photos, and their merch table was swarmed with people as soon as their set was over. I can easily see where they will be poised to become a much bigger deal here in the USA in the very near future after this tour. 

Next up was hometown favorites from Richmond, Virginia, Broadside. Having seen them in Baltimore numerous times, it was great to see them on a much larger tour, and to see how they’ve grown over the years into such an amazing group. Playing some of their older tracks mixed with newer songs like “King of Nothing” and “One Last Time” it was something to behold to see the progress in their journey. Not to mention, the high energy antics and humor that vocalist Oliver Baxxter brings to the night is a perfect set up for the headliner of the night, and something I’ve come to expect and love from this band. 

Watch the official music video for “One Last Time” by Broadside on YouTube:

Finally, we had Our Last Night. Opening their set with a prerecorded voiceover of what seemed like a news report calling the bands “thieves” for how they became popular with the mainstream by covering pop songs, they had the perfect set up for the audience to get pumped to sing all the covers they’ve come to love from the band.

Songs from the night included Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse,” Masked Wolf’s “Astronaut in the Ocean,” Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night,” a Disney medley, and Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” All in all, the tour capitalized on the fans love not only of these songs, but the heavy rock spin that the band has put on them.

Watch the official music video for “Last Night” by Morgan Wallen covered by Our Last Night on YouTube:

With the setlist flowing easily from one cover to the  next, the audience sang along to literally every word, with fans of all ages crowdsurfing and dancing, even the bartenders. 

In the end, it was probably one of my favorites concerts I’ve been to lately, and definitely one I’ll remember for a long time, especially as I got to experience not only bands I love, but become a new fan of Normandie. Overall, I think this tour is really something special, with an amazing lineup and setlist from each band, Silver Spring was left wanting more. 

Enjoy more photos from the night below! All picture copyright and courtesy of Carol Lowe.


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