Home Live Review Live Review: Maggie Rogers w/ The Japanese House @ Merriweather Post Pavilion — 6/16/24

Live Review: Maggie Rogers w/ The Japanese House @ Merriweather Post Pavilion — 6/16/24

Live Review: Maggie Rogers w/ The Japanese House @ Merriweather Post Pavilion — 6/16/24
Maggie Rogers performs at Merriweather Post Pavilion on June 16, 2024. (Photo by Sami Pye)

“My name is Maggie Rogers, and I’ve been dreaming about playing this venue since the sixth grade!”

It may not have been a traditional opening line for singer making an entrance, but this was tremendously fitting. After all, it was the Easton, Maryland native’s hometown show, and so Maggie Rogers recently played a packed Merriweather Post Pavilion with support from The Japanese House . 

Promoting her 2024 release Don’t Forget Me, Rogers kept the crowd energetic and on their feat the entire night at Merriweather Post Pavilion on June 16. She opened with “It Was Coming All Along” and “Drunk” from the new record. When Maggie played her single, “So Sick of Dreaming,” where she changed up a lyric about the NY Knicks, the Baltimore Orioles received their shoutout. 

“So he calls me up 15 minutes before the reservation and says he’s got Orioles tickets instead,” Rogers spoke/sang “I mean, I was at the restaurant, so I took the steaks to go, I had two martinis at the bar, And went to meet my friends down the street, what a loser!” She exclaims. 

She finishes with “And I’m so sick of dreaming,” before she can finish her own lyric, without missing a beat the crowd scream the last line, “And by the way, the Orioles lost!” 

Stream Don’t Forget Me, the new album by Maggie Rogers, on Spotify.

Rogers is known for her strong connection with her fans. She often engages with the audience through heartfelt interactions, making her concerts feel intimate and personal despite the size of the venue.

The set continued with favorites from previous records, such as “Light On,” and “Falling Water” from her 2019 release, Heard it in a Past Life. From the same album she also played her most-streamed song, “Alaska,” with a new acoustic, stripped back take. 

Watch the official music video for “Alaska” by Maggie Rogers on YouTube:

The Merriweather show felt personal, and not just because of the endless “Welcome Home, Maggie!” signs. In between songs she shares anecdotes about growing up in Maryland, like seeing her first concert (Black Eyed Peas and the Pussycat Dolls) at Merriweather, participating in school musicals, and taking piano lessons at Salisbury University in Ocean City. 

Perhaps the “most Maryland” part of the show was the special guest arriving halfway through the set. Maryland Governor Wes Moore joined Rogers on stage to present her with a proclamation officially declaring June 16 as Maggie Rogers Day in her home state. The crowd cheered her name after Moore commended Rogers for encouraging young people to vote, advocating for reproductive rights, and fair ticket sales. While on tour she has been working with Rock the Vote and promoting local reproductive rights advocacy groups in each city she plays while on the road.

An exclusive poster, switched up setlist, and special cover of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” her father’s favorite song in honor of Father’s Day, were other surprises that made the night a one-of-a-kind tour stop.

Before Rogers, The Japanese House started the evening strong. The Japanese House is fronted by Amber Bain, who hails from Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. She is now based in the USA. The Japanese House joined the Don’t Forget Me Tour Part 1 just months after completing her headlining tour. 

Bain played various hits from her 2023 record, In The End it Always Does, like “Boyhood,” “Sunshine Baby” and more. She also played songs from her 2019 debut full-length album Good At Falling like “You Seemed So Happy” and one of her crowd favorites, “Saw You in a Dream.”

Watch the official music video for “Saw You in a Dream” by The Japanese House on YouTube: 

Ahead of its official release (out now as of June 18,) Bain played her newest single, “:),” pronounced “smiley face” written about abruptly moving across the world for her now fiancé. Despite being unreleased, many audience members already knew the words and sang along due to playing it at previous shows and social media sharing.

The Japanese House will return to Merriweather Post Pavilion on September 28 for the much anticipated All Things Go Fall Classic festival.

The Japanese House continues to evolve, pushing the boundaries of indie pop and exploring new sonic landscapes while maintaining the emotional core that defines Bain’s music. Bain’s lyrics often delve into personal experiences, relationships, and emotional struggles, offering a deeply personal and introspective look at her life. Her lyrics also touch on themes relevant to the LGBTQ+ community.

Rogers’ “Don’t Forget Me Tour” marks an exciting chapter in her career as she continues to captivate audiences with her unique blend of folk, pop, and electronic music. In the fall, she will embark on her first stadium tour, playing iconic venues like NYC’s Madison Square Garden.

Here are some photos of Maggie Rogers performing at Merriweather Post Pavilion on June 16, 2024, followed by some photos of opener The Japanese House. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Sami Pye.


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