Home Live Review Live Review: Jhene Aiko @ Capital One Arena — 6/23/24

Live Review: Jhene Aiko @ Capital One Arena — 6/23/24

Live Review: Jhene Aiko @ Capital One Arena — 6/23/24
Jhene Aiko performs at Capital One Arena on June 23, 2024. (Photo by Mecie Gold)

Jhene Aiko’s Magic Hour Tour was simply that — “Magic.” It was a place where you could get lost in your emotions while finding healing at the same time in her recent performance at Capital One Arena.

Crystals and a huge screen surrounded the main stage, creating a visually pleasing atmosphere and a safe space for Jhene to gracefully appear from a lotus flower, blossoming like the beautiful person she is. At Capital One Arena on June 23, Jhene moved the crowd with just her soft tone as the harp played in the background. The visuals on the screen helped you feel the emotion of each song as if they were sending out signals, also placing you in Jazz club J.C. Brown’s with the red curtain draping from each side.

During the show, Jhene performed some of my favorites, like “New Balance,” “Pray for You,” and “None of Your Concern.” The setlist consisted of 42 songs mixed to absolute perfection. I loved it – it was a perfect blend of songs from the start of her career in 2011 to now, showing how timeless and relatable Jhene Aiko’s songs are. I’ve been fortunate to see Jhene Aiko from the start of her career, performing at the Baltimore Sound Stage, to a packed house at the Capital One Arena. People were wrapped around Gallery Place for a few hours due a delay in doors opening.

Watch the official music video for “None of Your Concern” by Jhene Aiko on YouTube:

The two opening acts, UMI and Kiana Ledé, had their sets cut due to the change. However, Tink and Coi Leray set the tone for the night. This all-girls tour was very enjoyable; both Tink and Coi Leray have songs that will have you singing your heart out or dancing out of your seat. To the audience’s surprise, we had the pleasure of seeing both “P*$$Y Fairy (OTW)” and “On the Way” performed by both Jhene and special guest Mila J. Mila J performed “Kickin’ Back” and “My Main,” which was such a moment, seeing two superstar sister’s vibe together.

There was no way you could leave this concert in a bad mood. Jhene performed “Alive & Well,” a gratitude mantra. Jhene is not just an artist; she’s a mother, healer, and a real one from Slauson. I encourage you to go see this tour — it’s an enchanted magical hour.

Here are some photos of Jhene Aiko performing at Capital One Arena on June 23, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Mecie Gold.



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