Live Review: Del Water Gap @ Black Cat — 3/12/22

Del Water Gap - Black Cat DC - 03.12.22 CVock 5
Holden Jaffe leads Del Water Gap in a performance at Black Cat on March 12, 2022. (Photo by Casey Vock)

Grabbing listeners’ attention with music in the first place seems a tall enough task — transporting them into your own realm where they can truly absorb the stories and ideas you’re conveying requires a gift for persuasion, charisma, and maybe even a little showmanship to bring it to life on stage.

S. Holden Jaffe, the man behind indie pop-rock outfit Del Water Gap, has an otherworldly ability not just to write deep, enthralling tracks built from a slew of emotions, but to then take those songs and translate them into stunning, unabashed displays of expression in a live, intimate setting. Del Water Gap accomplished exactly that at Black Cat recently.

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Preview: Del Water Gap @ Black Cat, 3/12/22

Del Water Gap (Photo by Angela Ricciardi)

Del Water Gap is the solo project of songwriter and producer S. Holden Jaffe, born in New England. He has already amassed a cult-like following with more than 44 million streams worldwide and a slew of collaborations all before a debut album, which he released in October via Mom + Pop Music.

Catch Del Water Gap at Black Cat on Saturday, March 12.

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