Music Park: MS MR @ 9:30 Club — 10/1/15


“God damn, it feels good to be back in DC!”

Bounding on to the 9:30 Club stage with fiery red hair and a silver jacket on Thursday, Oct. 1, Lizzy Plapinger’s energy was barely containable for MS MR’s opening song, “Reckless”. She danced so furiously to the uptempo beat, that one could only assume it would take weeks of recovery to heal.

‘Furiously’ is probably the wrong descriptor anyway, as Lizzy’s radiant smile hardly ever leaves her face. Let’s go with ‘enthusiastically’.

MS MR, from New York, is Lizzy (MS) and Max Hershenow (MR) with accompanying band members on bass and drums. Lizzy and Max met at Vassar College and formed a perfect union that metes out infectious, yet often dark-themed, music.

On their newly released second album, How Does It Feel, they often take it down a notch, with a few more introspective slow jams than their first album.

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Do you wanna way out? Do you? When it comes to MS MR, I know I don’t.

Lizzy Plapinger (the MS) and Max Hershenow (the MR) storm the 9:30 Club on October 1, bringing their dark-themed, yet uplifting pop music that once you’ve heard it, you can’t get enough.

The single, “Criminals”, from their second album, How Does It Feel, asks the opening question, and the answer is no, because, ‘I just wanna be a criminal with you. We’re criminals’.

Another song from How Does It Feel, “Wrong Victory”, is a slow ballad that shows off Lizzy Plapinger’s vocal range, especially the acoustic version. The plaintive refrain, ‘When your skin doesn’t feel like home’, where the word ‘home’ is sung as four syllables…well, I like it.

[youtube]“Wrong Victory (Acoustic)”

I last saw MS MR at the 2014 Firefly Music Festival, and I can assure you, you will enjoy them live.

Their second album isn’t quite as good as their first, Secondhand Rapture, but it is very close. And I like it.

For some reason, tickets are still available. Rectify that situation.

w/ Circa Waves, Crater
9:30 Club
Thursday, October 1
Doors @7:00pm
All ages